Why Do Some People Wants To Experience Astral Projection?

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Perhaps you’ve heard about Astral Projection at least once in your life and maybe you were thinking why would someone want to experience such phenomenon? Well, there are some good reasons why there are people opt to experience Astral Projection.

Humans are more than just physical body and once a person experience astral projection he will come to know that he has consciousness beyond his physical form.

It is important to know that your consciousness can exist separately from your physical body. With that you will know that when you grow old, it is only your physical body that grows old and exhausted, not you. When you are sick, it is your physical body that is sick, not you. That being said, you become more resilient to any burdens and strains in life because you are aware that you are more than just a physical body.

Moreover, some people want to experience astral projection to know more about how they are one with the universe. When you experience being in inner planes everything is possible. You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop. You can learn so many things while you in the inner planes that you can apply in physical world. And while you are in the inner dimension it is easier for you to raise your consciousness as you are guarded from the distractions of the physical world.

The last reason I am going to point out is that some people want to experience astral projection because they want to ease their fear of death. It is but natural for us humans to fear death. Astral projection can lessen your fear of death because you know you can exist without your physical body. Hence, your idea about death will change. You then become certain that death is not the end of your life, only the beginning of your new journey.