The Essence Of To Me, By Me, Through Me And As Me

When someone embarks on a spiritual journey (even though everyone is on a spiritual journey whether they are aware of it or not…) they usually begin their journey perceiving the world through the lens of things that are happening TO THEM.


The To Me State

To me is all about the perception of things that happens to them as a result of surrendering their spiritual power to a force outside of them.

You will hear people early in their spiritual journey of saying things such as:

“This is my karma – nothing I can do about it.”

“God made this happen to me”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“The universe won’t allow me to get this or that”

This is a common phenomena in a lot of spiritual circles where no matter how spiritual sounding a person may be, the essence of their energy is blaming, making themselves a victim and projecting their pain out into the world where the world is inherently neutral.

It’s a belief that life is happening to me – I’m just standing here living my life, minding my own business, bla… bla… bla…

The truth is, these things show up because it is manifested through your spirit – quantum physics would say that form collapses into being because it is in our energy field which drives our intent.

Because what happens on the outside is a outer manifestation of your intent, it is easy for people to blame the economy, karma, the times we are in (no point longing for the ‘good old days’…) or even the forces of the universe.

When one spiritually matures and takes responsibility for their experiences and karma, they move into…

The By Me State

The By Me state is a better state to be in compared to the To Me state.

Because once a person on the spiritual path realizes that they are the captain of their ship, only are they able to start taking responsibility for what happens in the outer world as though they are the co-creator of their experiences.

This is where a person starts proactively using the Law of Attraction – becoming a creative force in the universe through conscious and deliberate creation.

You are using the Law of Attraction to bring something into being or bringing something into your experiences.

But this By Me state has its limitations.

It is very tiring, that is why people who are new to the By Me state often falls back into the To Me state where they try to manifest and they fall back into the blame state when things are not working.

By Me people often asks these questions:

“What blocks am I having that I need to deal with right away?”

“I really need to clean this up now!”

“Oh no! I’m focusing on what I don’t want again – I gotta fix that!”

“What am I not in alignment with the universe? There has to be something in me…”

Believe me – it’s not you… it’s all good.


Once a person is able to surrender their self will and surrender to the flow of the universe, only then can they embrace:

The Through Me State

People who are in this state is in a state of flow and bliss.

The creative force is still there, but a person who is in this state no longer has the inclination to micromanage the universe.

At this stage, you start to realize that it is all about being a conduit or a vessel for the universe or the Great Spirit to carry out their will.

You allow the power and the presence of source to move through you rather than by you.

Deliberate creation allows the universe to dance with it and lets it unfold as you float with the stream rather than against it.

Once in this flow state, life becomes a joy, happiness becomes a by product of letting the universe take the wheel.


There is one more state where the ultimate stillness is reached. That is:

The As Me State

Some people describe this state as the enlightenment state.

Over here, you become one with source (Christian Traditions say – Be still and know that I am God).

People in this state is no longer hard up about the creation force but instead, embraces the state of oneness that lets source merges with them.

Buddha, Christ and many Perfect Masters and Avatars experience the God-Realized state and surrenders to the divine.