SPELLS – The Art Of Magic And Enchantment



An overview of Spell Casters and their works

If you happen to observe a professional spell caster even just for a day you will come to know that their life is not different from ordinary people. In fact, 90 percent of how they live their lives is quiet the same from the normal ones. The remaining 10 percent however is what sets them apart from the other because they use it for their magical procedure that connects them to the universe in a metaphysical level. This process helps them to obtain the necessary things that they need to achieve a peaceful way of life.

There are few things that a spell caster needs to do before they practice magical procedures and these are the following:

  1. Spell casters must study their environment as they will surely use it to cast spells.
  2. Spell casters must learn how to predict the future.
  3. Spell casters must know how to use different materials to cast spells.
  4. Spell casters must develop and strengthen their inner energy in order to successfully make things happen. 
  5. Spell casters must be able to visualize their future in order to get what they truly want.

These are just few of the many things that a spell caster does in the realms of their magical world. Unlike what other people is thinking, Magic is for real and it is a great gift to possess and uphold. It is also not a bad idea to share it to anyone who needs it to change his or her life for the better.

There is nothing wrong or wicked about magic and spell casting as long as it is being used for the benefit of many people. If you posses the knowledge and the gift of spell casting, by all means use it! It is wonderful to have the power to get what you want to achieve happier and better future.

Spells have been around for a long time.  They started back in the Celtic Ages since year 700BC until 100AD.  Their practices honored the “Divine Creator of all Nature”.  When they passed way in those days, they believed that they would go to a place called Summerland.  There they would wait to be reincarnated.  They worshipped an entity called the (One Creative Life Source)”.  The Druids were the supervisory part of the rituals and rites that were followed in those days.  They celebrated Samhain, which if the end of their summer, similar to the New Year.  The rites and rituals of back then are similar to Halloween in the current time.

Samhain was then followed shortly by the Winter Solstice.  Imbolc came shortly after the Winter Solstice (when the animals had their young).  Then there was the Spring Equinox and the Autumn Equinox too.  During these times, there were rites and rituals that would go along with each event.

Paganism -What Is It, And How Is It Defined?

The rites and rituals of the Celtics became known as Paganism.  They used spells and works of magic.  They also made lotions and potions.  Since there was a need to clarify what all of this was at the time, the word that became used to describe these practices was witchcraft.

How Do We Define Spells?

Spells are what those that practice witchcraft do to curse each other, protect loved ones and bring love into their lives.  There is energy that is all around us.  This energy is neutral because it isn’t good or bad.  A witch will take an object and give it a charge.  This charge can either be good, which is positive or bad, which is negative.  Candles, herbs and tools have been known to be used when someone is casting a spell.  However, it’s known that no matter how many different tools are used for a spell, it won’t work unless the one who casts the spell concentrates on the spell and charges the object with a lot of energy.

Magic And Spells Has Their Limitations

There are some things that are important to note.  Magic has its limitations.  It can’t go against nature or change someone’s DNA.  A person that is casting a spell can’t fly, bring a person back from the dead, time travel, become invisible or use teleportation.  

Can’t Fly.

Unable to time travel.

Can’t bring a person back from the dead.

 No teleportation.

Unable to become invisible.

What Can Spells Do?

Casting a spell can help someone in a lot of ways.  There are several ways that spell can influence the course of someone’s life, and they are as follows:

Offers protection to the person casting the spell.

Can bring the person luck.

Spells can be made to wish wealth on someone.

Can also be used to create love.

Spells can help with health.  

They can be used to increase job satisfaction.

Spell can also be for understanding.

Learning To Cast A Spell

One of the most important things that you will need to do when you’re first beginning to cast spells is to make sure that you are focusing on the spell that you want to create.  Good concentration is very important, so you should practice making spells that are simple in the beginning.  One of the easiest spells to cast is one that allows you to find a parking spot.  You have to will the parking space to be there with all your might.  In this case, the spell follows the line of probability that you are willing yourself to find a parking spot.  It won’t make a car fly or disappear, but it may create the need for someone else to need to leave at that time so that there is a parking spot open for you.  It is mostly that a person can change their life by the power of the their mind.

Many people find that magic spells are merely coincidence.  But, in many cases, they are not.  Coincidence plays a part in it, but the will of a person’s mind is what make magic happen without the use of coincidence.  

The Better The Spell, The Better The Magic Is

When you are first getting into magic, you will find that the better the spell is, the better the magic outcome will be.  It may seem difficult in the beginning, but as you get used to casting more and more spells, you’ll be able to do them easily.  By completing some strange and difficult things for a spell, it strengthens your will to change things.  This will allow you to cast more difficult spells in the future. You will definitely want to make sure that you do what the spells ask that you do.  This is because they have worked before, and you will need to do just what it recommends that you do.  Even as you get more practiced in spells, and you want to create your own, you will want to make sure you incorporate the traditional things into it.  That is because they are known to work.  

Getting Into The Spells And The Magic World

When you first begin in the magic world and spells, you might need to have someone else show you the ropes.  There are different groups that you can find in your area that deal with spells.  These are usually called covens.  In a coven, you will have the expertise of practicing witches that are familiar with the different spells, and they will be able to assist you with the various ideas and practices.  Making the most of the coven meetings is what you should do.  Take a notebook and write down things that you want to remember.  Ask questions because they will answer them for you.  

How can you find a coven in your area?  

The best way to find a coven in your area is by searching on the Internet.  Ask for a coven in your exact location and make contact with them.  Find out when they meet, and if you can attend the meeting.  Use this to your advantage and learn all that you can from these people.  Most practicing witches have been doing so for many years, and they are very knowledgeable in what they do.  It will give you a lot of great information that you can use to benefit yourself.  

There Are 5 Different Colors Of Magic Spells

There are 5 different colors of magic spells.  They are white, red, green, purple and black.  Learning about the different colored magic spells is important so that you can understand which ones you want to use for your particular situation.

White magic spells are used to heal, bless, help or protect yourself or someone else that you might care about.  They are created to uplift you and others.  They are also positive and gentle, and they can be used to keep away evil spirits and bless new adventures that people are getting into.  

Red magic spells are intended to create a new love, celebrate married life, obtain a proposal, mend a quarrel between lovers and increase the ability to have children.  These spells can be positive or negative.  They all deal with sex, lust, love, fertility or romance.

Green magic spells are used to attract money.  They are made in order to draw cash to you or someone you know, increase the prosperity and find new partners or customers for a business.  These spells can be very gentle or very strong.  They have to do with money, wealth, business dealings and gambling.

Purple magic spells are used to bring in more personal success to you or a loved one.  They increase your will, draw friends to your side, allow you to have more power, give you more control and align you with helpful spirits.  These spells can be positive or negative, gentle or strong, but they have to do with commanding, bending another to your will and controlling others.

Black magic spells are used to bring about an illness or sickness to another person.  Spells like this make people lose their jobs, break up couples and make others have problems in their lives.  These spells have to do with hurting, harming or hexing another person so that they have obstacles to surmount in their lives.

It Is Important To Understand Which Types Of Spells You Want To Make 

When you are first beginning to cast spells in witchcraft, you need to be careful as to what you want the outcome to be.  Make sure that you are not wishing undue hardship on another person.  You want to remain a good and steady person in your life.  As you become more practiced in the field, you will know the better spells to use and increase your potential in your life.  This is what most magic is used for.  Rarely do you find witches to want others to suffer, although it does happen.  In most cases, they want to make their own life and their loved ones have better conditions so they can go smoothly through their lives.  For you to create the life you want, you will need to use the spells that create better opportunities for you.  This will help you tremendously, and when you become adept at casting spells, you will be able to change adverse conditions and make them better.

A Simple Spell For Beginners

In the beginning, when you are first learning about magic, you should stick to very easy spells.  This is a very, simple spell that will bring the person who casts it money.  Since it is very easy to do, many people do it to increase their luck and bring money into their lives.  You will find that it is very easy to do. First, you will want to find a coin that has the exact year of your birth on it.  It can be any type of coin.  You will then want to wrap the coin up in a cabbage leaf.  With a green ribbon, you’ll want to tie the package together.  You will then want to put this package in a place where it can dry without getting moldy.  Once the cabbage leaf has dried completely, you’ll want to remove the coin and place it in a piece of regular fabric.  Carry the coin with you all the time wherever you go, and it will bring you good luck and money.

Here Is Another Interesting And Simple Spell That You Can Do In The Beginning Of Your Journey Into The World Of Spells.

Many people lose things.  They misplace them for whatever reason, and as they desperately try to locate them, they get more and more upset.  This spell will help you to find missing items that you want back in your possession.  Imagine an item that you can’t find.  Concentrate on this item as you close your eyes.  Surround the item with a golden patch of light.  You then want to imagine that there is a silver cord around that item.  The cord is for you to pull in your mind until that item is back in your hand.  After you put forth your energy into the spell open your eyes and forget all about it.  The item should appear within an hour.  If it doesn’t you can wait longer, or you can do the spell again.

Try This Thought Pattern To Get In Touch With Friends And Loved Ones

Another easy spell is to wish that your friend or loved one will contact you.  Usually this is used when people live far away, and you want to save on your telephone bill expenses.  Concentrate, that when they get this message through the airwaves that they will contact you as soon as possible.  In most cases, they will.

Magic and casting spells is a very interesting world.  Practice them wisely, and remember to ask questions if you aren’t sure what a spell will do so you get the right one.