Making sense of chaos and order

What is the difference between chaos and order?

Some people believe that the universe is in chaos.

Those that win the genetic lottery has the best bodies, the best brains, the best circumstances and the best life.

Some people believe in order.

That no matter how messed up the universe becomes, there is a hand of intelligent design making sure that everything that is chaotic is carefully organized into order.

Here is what’s really important about understanding chaos and order.

No matter how chaotic or orderly your life is today, you have a choice right now to make the best of it.

Worrying about tomorrow brings a lot of uncertainty into your mind and that does not benefit your life in any way.

Reminiscing about your past trying to organize your thoughts thinking, “Why did this happen, why did that happen” is also futile because the past is already over – you have squandered the present moment without living it fully and that is why it turned into your past.

The present is a gift – hence the words present and gift.

Make full use of it wisely and you will be well on your spiritual path.