Crystals – Beautiful Stones For Healing And Protection


Overview Of Crystal And Its Healing Effect

Crystals are minerals that are formed from three-dimensional recurring patterns of atom. In terms of healing, crystals have different effects as they carry different energies and properties however, all of them can affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s life.

Moreover, crystals appearance would depend on its natural type as well as the conditions in which it develops for thousands of years. Some crystals develop in strange forms and sizes while other grow very small or large. Read on and discover some of the most common shapes and purposes of crystals.

  • Single terminated wands

The appearance of this crystal has single point at one side and rounded or rough edge on the other. These crystals are commonly used as jewelry as well as in meditation, cleansing and healing.

  • Chunks

These crystals have no notable facets. They are best use for enriching the room’s ambiance for great meditation.

  • Clusters

These crystals are characterized by group of tiny crystals that naturally grown connected to each other. It can be used to enrich living environment or workplaces. Moreover, depending on its properties, these crystals can cleanse, calm or invigorate an atmosphere.

  • Cut Crystals

These crystals have undergone process of cutting and polishing to form specific shapes such as wands, spheres or pyramids to look even more attractive. If these crystals are well cut it retains its natural energy and even amplify it.

  • Tumblestones

These are tiny stones, crystals or rocks that stumbled over each other several times over a long period of time hence it creates a fine abrasive on its exteriors until the sides becomes naturally smooth and shiny. A lot of people love to carry tumblestone crystal on their pocket as it helps them maintain their energy all throughout the day.

Nature’s Beautiful Wonders From Mother Earth

Crystals rank among the top beautiful natural wonders that are produced from a truly amazing energy source – Mother Earth. Our planet’s internal core is the creative source for the genesis of crystals, starting with powerful molten magma. The resulting healing stones vary in color, shape and size due to a combination of geological processes which include heating, cooling, and in many cases, upheaval or transference from their place of origin – also known as displacement. Appreciated not only for their inherent esthetically pleasing qualities, gemstones and crystals have also long been revered for their energetic and healing properties.

Every gemstone is comprised of a vast number of constantly in motion tiny crystals. This movement, though unseen to the naked eye, is what emits the energetic vibration of each stone, creating a unique frequency for each. These frequencies have been found to transmit vibrations which can provide calming relief or creative, energetic stimulation; some crystals have the ability to help with healing, purification and contain a number of other properties. The study of crystals and gemstones is fascinating, and may take many years of devotion to fully appreciate and understand their power, but you’ll find some basics included here which will help you along your path to know more about crystals.

There has always been a magical, mystical connection between humankind and the power of crystals. Their usage in healing rituals and ceremonies dates back to at least 4,000 years B.C.  A diverse number of cultures have been known to incorporate the use of crystals for a variety of purposes, including the Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetans, Celtic druids and high priests and priestesses, as well as the Sumerians, Romans and Greeks. Many written and artistic depictions of wizards, such as King Arthur’s Merlin the Magician tell and show sorcerers and wizards using wands which feature eye-catching, powerful crystals. Additionally, Native American Medicine men and women and shamans have utilized crystals. The methods by which the crystals’ powers are employed include being worn, ground into a fine powder and added to elixirs, and placed on the body for various healing and other purposes. 

Categories Of Crystals

Crystal gemstones fall into two main categories – rough (or natural) and polished. Those in the rough state are unworked by man and remain irregular in shape and often rough to the touch. They are said to therefore contain the highest amount of the crystal’s purest power, and are often used in healing ceremonies. Polished crystals have been tumbled with water and sand to make them smooth and rounded. These are often made into ornate jewelry, or carried on someone’s person as a talisman or touchstone. 

Clear quartz crystals are employed for many purposes and may be “programmed” by the user to emit specific frequencies to promote conditions such as healing, peace, prosperity, and knowledge – whatever the crystal’s owner chooses. It’s considered wise to cleanse a quartz crystal when you first acquire it, to effectively “deprogram” any previous frequencies a previous owner may have instilled into it. Colored crystals may also be cleansed, if you with, but a word of caution – some of these methods (particularly using water) may alter the color and perhaps the energy a bit. 

Cleansing can be done a number of ways – here are just a few:

Bury the crystal within the earth, its original source. Some people recommend leaving it there for a certain number of days or weeks – researching this as well as honoring your own intuition about it is highly recommended.

Bathe or soak the crystal in water with sea salt (not table salt) added to it. If you happen to live close to the ocean, you can use natural salt water. Again, the length of time you leave the crystal immersed is something that you should decide. Put in some due diligence via research, and see what feels best to you.

Leaving the crystal out overnight when the moon is shining brightly is said to be an effective cleansing technique.

Visualization – Place the crystal on a natural surface, such as the earth, or something made of wood and imagine an “energy shower” of white light falling over the crystal’s surface. You could also choose to hold your crystal up so that it catches sunlight. As you do so, you may wish to say something along the lines of “Be clear of all previous programs.”  Saying this three times is especially powerful, as trinities and triads have long been highly revered and considered mystical.

Then to program your crystal for whatever purpose you desire, you can then hold it within your hand or up to the light and as you look at it say, “You are now programmed to transmit only loving, protective energy,” or putting it into your own words, being sure to include the main programming you wish the crystal to take on.

Each crystal has innate properties, of course, that will remain intact. But doing a cleansing and programming ritual will help you to make sure your crystal is serving any additional purpose you wish.

As you further your studies of crystals, you may discover other cleansing methods that appeal to you. Use ones that feel most comfortable and effective to you – honor your own intuition, and you’ll be fine.

Most Popular Types Of Crystals

There are far too many forms of crystals to list them all here, so below you will find some of the better known and recognized types of crystals, along with their properties and uses.

Amethyst: This beautiful gemstone has perhaps the widest variety of color variations; most people recognize the violet variety most readily. But amethysts may also range in coloration from yellow to a rather dark brown. This stone is said to help raise one’s vibration of spiritual awareness (enlightenment), provide protective energy and in general, is considered to be an agent of change in the world of crystals. Amethyst is aid to be able to transform and calm, heal and help open the portal to one’s Higher Self or the ethereal realm. Depending upon where and how it is mined, large hunks of amethyst (some ranging over a foot tall) can often be found in healing centers, meditation rooms, and private homes.

Hematite: This usually black or gray gemstone contains properties which have been referred to as leading to “mental mastery.” Hematite is believed to improve focus and concentration, as well as to ward off negative energy. It raises the natural desire for love, harmony and peace. Some people like to wear a ring, bracelet or necklace made of hematite to protect themselves from the heavy vibration of negativity that may weigh them down when mingling with others’ energy fields (such as going to crowded events, etc.)

Jade: A beautiful stone often associated with Asian cultures, jade is believed to transmit love and balance between romantic partners – therefore it is sometimes called the “fidelity stone.” It is also said to be helpful in soothing anxiety, promoting peace and harmony and increasing one’s access to wisdom and understanding. Additionally, jade can help create balance between one’s inner and external realities.

Lapis Lazuli: This beautiful stone comes in an array of lovely blue hues, and is considered to bolster protection, enlightening, intuition and the ability to remain objective. It supports clarity in one’s waking life as well as enhancing the dream state. A serene, calming gem, lapis makes lovely jewelry.

Quartz: Whether clear, cloudy or smoky in appearance, crystal quartz protects, as well as amplifying and sharpening clarity. It can also help release anger, and open the spirit up to higher levels of meditation. Rose quartz is a lovely pale pink color, and is said to embody the very essence of unconditional love. It is often used in healing ceremonies, as well as to help an individual open to receive more love from others and self.

Sodalite: Lovely shades of blue often interlaced with black and/or white shades, sodalite is believed to create a bridge of connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain – in other words, in one capacity to enhance the ability to balance logic with intuition. It may be used to increase one’s powers of organization, to increase a feeling of calm and peacefulness, and to add focus and definition to one’s purpose or life path.

Tiger’s Eye: Another intuition booster, tiger’s eye has also been used to battle depression, increase one’s organization of thoughts and things, and to stimulate one’s ability to attract wealth into your life. It promotes clear thinking as well.

Turquoise: Perhaps most often associated with Native American cultures, turquoise repels negativity, emits a sense of serenity and protection, as well as stimulating creative thinking, problem solving and self-realization. It’s often used in healing ceremonies, and makes lovely jewelry, though is also quite beautiful in its rough form.

Regardless of your use of your preferred crystals, you will undoubtedly find them helpful for many reasons. Some people with a rather narrow belief system may try to tell you that you are crediting the stones with having too much power. A nice counter comment to that might be, “Well, who made the stones to begin with?”

It’s somewhat akin to questioning the purpose or power of the grains, water and other natural resources that our earth mother provides. The study of gemology can be extremely intense and involved, depending upon how much time and energy you are willing to give it. You can find a number of courses on this online, and several books have been written about the power and uses of crystals.

Explore these to your heart’s content, and then don’t hesitate to incorporate the use of crystals into your daily life, healing and other types of ceremonial events. They are certainly beautiful bounty from the earth which we can appreciate for their looks as well as their other more mystical, intrinsic properties. Whether you wear them, display them in your home, or employ them by laying them on the body for healing, you are certain to derive great enjoyment from learning about and using crystals.