Colors – The Multiple Spectrums Of The Universe


Did you know that out of 3 primary colors – red, yellow and green, creates many shades and combinations that reveals multiple spectrums within the universe?

For example:

Colors can affect one’s mood and thoughts. If you doubt this, think about the colors you most love to be surrounded by when relaxing, being productive/motivated, feeling happy… and the list goes on. Nature’s wide array of colors – from the brilliant greens of grass to the serene blue of the sky, and all colors in between provided the inspiration to prehistoric artists who searched for pigments from the earth to breathe a new dimension of life into their primitive cave drawings.

The spiritual meaning of colors may surprise you. Throughout the centuries, many meanings have been attributed to certain colors, but this article will focus primarily upon how colors impact your life not just on the material (earth) plane, but in the spiritual realm as well.

Edgar Cayce, known as “The Sleeping Prophet” was undeniably the most well-known psychic of the 20th century. His health readings as well as those he did on Atlantis, reincarnation and many other metaphysical and paranormal topics (including many predictions which have come true) have helped and fascinated millions of people worldwide for nearly a century. He had many interesting interpretations of color, and it’s recommended that you read any of his books or books written about him in order to broaden your understanding of any or all of these topics, including what he had to share about the spiritual power of colors.

The Visible Spectrum Of Colors

Sir Isaac Newton divided the visible spectrum of colors into seven hues, those being red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. These seven colors are all visible in rainbows, and are used in connection with the study of chakras (wheels of energy in the body), as well as aura interpretation.

Those who believe in and study angels also feel that angelic messengers are often identified by flashes or spans of color.

The various meanings of color as it relates to these categories are explored below.

Basic Meaning Of Colors

Red – Red is said to represent and help increase physical strength and stamina, energy, passion and vitality, as well as feeling grounded and stable. A deep, vibrant color full of life, fire and power it is often associated with anger, but can represent more positive qualities such as excitement and motivation. Blood is obviously red, so the very nature of this color is representative of the basics of life.

Yellow – Yellow encompasses a vast array of qualities, representing intelligence, personal power, creativity, fun, light-heartedness, logic, confidence and courage. Because the sun burned and reflected to earth as yellow for centuries, this color is often associated with carefree, sunny days. (The sun has burned white, however, since around the turn of the 21st century). 

Orange – A warm, energizing color, orange is often associated with abundance, optimism, affection and sensuality.

Green – Often considered a color of healing, green is also associated with new life (spring), fertility, renewal, good fortune and money. It also is used to denote moving forward (think green traffic light!) or rebirth. Green can be used to create more harmony in one’s life.

Blue – Usually linked with serenity and tranquility, blue is also a color of truth, devotion/spirituality, emotional depth, love and communication. Even though the saying, “I’m feeling blue” means feeling down or depressed, blue’s most usual connection is with calm, peacefulness.

Indigo – Indigo, or violet, is considered to inspire the awakening or increasing of one’s intuition, as well as artistic abilities, improving one’s capacity to meditate and expanding the imagination. 

Violet – Symbolic of the integration and healing of body/mind/spirit, violet is also thought to be a gateway to spiritual awareness – a portal to higher levels of consciousness. Violet rays have long been considered mystical – a means of understanding one’s inner self as well as connectivity to the cosmos as a whole.

Though not in the visible spectrum, the following well-known colors also have specific meanings and associations:

Purple – Deep purple has long been linked to nobility and royalty – frequently worn by kings, queens, pharaohs and other rulers throughout history. It is also a color of deep spiritual understanding/enlightenment, as well as being aligned with mystery, mysticism and sacred wisdom.

Pink – Felt to be infused with the vibration of unconditional love, acceptance and tenderness, pink has also been long linked to girls, women and feminine energy. It’s also symbolic of sweetness, gentility and spring. Rose quartz crystals are a soft, beautiful pink and radiate the frequency of unconditional love; therefore they are often used in healing, both for others and of self.

Gold – Standing for wealth, endurance/long lasting power and energy, gold has been one of the top measures of rare, vast riches and royalty for ages. It also is believed to stimulate courage and confidence.

Silver – Symbolic of money (especially coins), silver is also representative of wealth as is gold.  It is also connected with the energy of the moon, feminine energy, imagination, intuition and spirituality. Our soul is said to remain connected to our body as long as the “silver cord” remains unbroken.

White  – Representing purity and innocence, white is most often the color worn by babies and people of all ages at their baptism, as well as children at their first communion, by all ages at various religious or spiritual ceremonies, and of course, traditionally worn by brides. Other interpretations associate white with spiritual ascension/mastery, reverence, cleanliness and humility.

Black – Black is the combination of all chromatic colors, and represents a variety of subjects, including mystery, formality, sexuality, mystery and the unknown in general. It is also associated with mourning, and often worn at funerals and during times of grief and loss.

Colors As They Relate To The Seven Chakras

Chakra is a word that comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit, and its translation distills down to “wheel of energy.” In Asian and other cultures, chakras are believed to exist all throughout the human body. Western culture, however, tends to limit chakras to the seven listed below, and each has a color (and a sound) associated with it. Starting with the bottommost chakra, here is a brief explanation of each along with their unique color association.

Root Chakra – Located near the coccyx, or tailbone area of the body, the root chakra is where basic foundational needs such as survival and energy are housed. The color linked with the root chakra is red. If you are having trouble manifesting things or situations in your life, it’s likely that your root chakra is blocked and needs to be cleared, especially of any fear-based beliefs. When seeking to re-ground yourself, feel safe, protected and centered, meditating upon this area and visualizing a beautiful red light shining there is an excellent exercise.

2nd or Sacral Chakra – One step above the root chakra, the second chakra’s color is orange. This “wheel of energy” deals with the libido – sexual energy as well as creativity. It is also the foundation of our emotions. Should you feel an imbalance in your sexual desires or be dealing with low self-esteem, this chakra could use some healing and clearing.  If you are feeling out of balance in any of these areas, filling this chakra with a clear, beautiful orange as you focus on your steady, deep breathing is a great way to go.

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra – Located mid-torso at your “core” the solar plexus chakra is represented by the color yellow. “Gut instinct” or intuition often kicks in at this point of the body, and should be honored to the best of one’s ability – in particular, going with your first intuitive impression rather than letting your logical left brain cause you to overthink things and create self-doubt. Also, if this chakra is imbalanced, you may be more likely to take on projects or jobs that don’t advance your goals, or you may feel like a victim and that you are out of control. This chakra is extremely important to keep clear and balanced in order to experience a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Heart Chakra – The heart chakra is located in the center or your upper chest, and is where love flows to and from. If you feel happy and loved in your relationships, including the one with yourself, your heart chakra is in balance and functioning properly. However, if you are dealing with a lot of discord in your relationships, it is likely blocked. The traditional color used to heal and open the heart chakra is green, though in recent years many people have found that breathing in the energy of rose quartz pink (the vibration of unconditional love) works equally well. Choose the color that most appeals to you and has the best outcome.

Throat Chakra – Logically, this chakra is all about communication. The color linked to it is blue. If you feel that you cannot speak your heart and mind properly, your throat chakra could stand some clearing and balancing. When it is open, you are never afraid to voice your opinion. However, an abundance of unnecessary talking can also cause your throat chakra to become imbalanced.

Third Eye Chakra – Located in the center of your forehead, exactly between your eyes and a bit above the top of your nose is your third eye chakra. It is where your psychic and intuitive messages enter, and it serves as a portal to higher dimensions and beings when in a meditative state. You may be able to accurately predict future events. When your third eye is closed, you are completely focused only on earthly events and your physical body, and have no desire to tune into or explore spiritual topics. The color used to access and enhance your third eye is indigo.

Crown Chakra – In the center of the top of your head lies your crown chakra. Universal energetic connectivity is achieved through meditating on this chakra, and when it is open properly, it’s a portal through which you can learn to astral project. Visualize pure incandescent white light pouring into your crown chakra to cleanse and open it; some people prefer to imagine the white light infused with strands of gold or silver – this is completely your choice. If your crown chakra is closed, you feel cut off from others and any source of guidance or direction. You may experience a persistent sense of depression and overall unhappiness. Meditate upon your crown chakra, flood it with beautiful, divine light and you can remedy this. If you feel a bit of pressure on the top of your head, this is just additional proof that you are successfully connecting with ascended, advanced energy/beings.

So you can see that colors are vital to our lives here on earth for a wide variety of reasons/purposes. Appreciate them and utilize them in meditation, and in your own self-expression – whether through artwork, clothing, or your home decor. They enhance and enrich our lives, and using color therapy is a great way to promote healing and balance with absolutely no bad side effects.

Understanding The Spiritual Meaning Of Colors

Colors are undoubtedly beautiful but they are one of the most unappreciated facets of the physical world.  Spiritually, colors can convey meanings, aura, energy and healing. In this article, you will come to know the meanings of the common colors and use this knowledge as the beginning of your explorations.

Moreover, we are all created unique from each other thus colors may also have different meaning for us compared to others. You can use colors to enhance the qualities that you want to emphasize about yourself. If you want to enhance those qualities you want permanently, you can use appropriate colors in your surroundings.

Wear the colors that can better promote the qualities that you want to emphasize in a specific situation. You can even benefit from colors by just visualizing them whether or not you use it to stimulate their qualities or you just want to make use of their healing energy for you and for other people. Below are the corresponding meanings of each color that are commonly used.

Spiritual Red

It symbolizes courage, passion, energy, aggression, warmth, strength, creativity and security. In terms of healing, you can use red color to bring back warmth in your body. This color is powerful, thus you should use it in moderation. The auras it exhibits are materialism, quick temper and sensual pleasures.

Spiritual Yellow

It signifies creativity, intellect, happiness and strong power of persuasion but it also symbolizes cowardice. In terms of healing, you can use yellow to stimulate clarity of thought.

Spiritual Orange

It signifies one’s relationship to the physical world including the needs and desires of the physical body. The aura it exhibits is creativity and thoughtfulness. In healing, orange can be used to improve the immunity and sexual vigor.

Spiritual Green

It signifies prosperity, luck, money, fertility and vitality. Green symbolizes balance, peace and healing hence, it can be used in any healing situations. On the other hand, green denotes envy.

Spiritual Blue

This color is associated with inspiration, intuition, inner peace and spirituality. On the flip side, it denotes sadness and depression. In terms of healing, you can use blue to achieve calming and cooling effect. The aura it displays is serenity, spirituality and contentment.

Spiritual White

It signifies purity, truth, healing, cleansing and protection. The aura it exhibits is higher level of attainment and soul incarnate to aid others. White is a great healing color to get rid of sufferings and lingering pains.

Spiritual Black

This color signifies mystery and unconsciousness. Black is normally used to symbolize evil and black magic. The aura it exhibits is blockages and something being hidden.