Chakra – Our Energetic Ecosystem

As human beings, we embody a unique combination of body, mind and spirit. Much of what motivates and animates that powerful interactive trio consists of energy. And the word “chakra” (taken from ancient language of Sanskrit) means “wheel of energy.” Human beings possess a number of chakras placed strategically throughout our physical bodies, and each chakra serves a purpose. Although Eastern medicine (such as what is used in acupuncture and other Asian healing modalities) teaches that there are chakras in our arms, hands, legs and feet as well as other key places in the torso and head, this article will examine the seven primary chakras which are accepted by Western culture, and are incorporated in the study of chakras everywhere.

The energy field that exists around the physical body is called the aura – the range of one’s aura is said to depend upon the person’s health and vitality. There are different schools of thought about how far the aura can extend around the body – some hold that it is a spherical or elliptical type of energy “egg” shape that’s about ten feet out from the body. Others maintain that it may be 50 to 60 feet in size. Kirlian photography is one means of measuring (to a degree) and actually seeing the energy and colors of one’s aura. If you have the opportunity to have your aura photograph taken by someone with authentic Kirlian camera equipment who also is well-versed in interpreting what you’ll see in the photos, it’s a fascinating way to learn about yourself – what’s going on from the inside out on the day the photo is taken, etc.

How “aligned,” healthy or in tune one’s chakras are definitely affects the strength and health of the aura as well. To understand the concept of auras and chakras more personally, please consider the following. You have undoubtedly experienced the following a number of times:

  • Met someone for the first time and felt either an immediate sense of comfortability, or conversely, felt out of sorts and closed off. (Hint: Many times these types of feelings are referred to as “gut instincts” and relate to your solar plexus chakra – more details below)
  • Been standing close to someone or several people (perhaps in a crowded elevator, or at a concert or sporting event) and felt something beyond claustrophobia – a surge of energy, in many cases feeling a wide array of emotions that don’t even feel like they belong to you

Both of these experiences relate to the sensitivity of our chakras to absorb or take on the energy of others – sometimes just by standing close enough so that your auras overlap. Some people are more psychically sensitive, or empathic, to the energy of others and tend to soak it up like a psychic “sponge,” if you will. There is a strong belief that people who suffer from agoraphobia (fear of leaving one’s home or other safe haven) are extremely empathic, and that therefore they experience real pain when in the presence of crowds due to absorbing others’ energy, thoughts and emotions.

Periodically, everyone’s chakras become unbalanced, or out of alignment. This is generally due to some upheaval in their regular life routine, or an extreme emotional upset. Sometimes it may be necessary to cleanse and balance all seven of the major chakras, other times, just one or two may be the ones most out of whack. Below you will find an explanation of each of the seven chakras, as well as some tips on how to bring them back into balance and thereby help restore harmony and productivity to your life.

chakraThe Seven Major Chakras

It is highly recommended that before you begin doing any type of energy work, you say some type of protective prayer or invocation. You may also wish to smudge with some sage to help cleanse away any unwanted negative energy or thoughts. There is a prayer of the Essenes (a powerful, ancient sect of healers) that you may wish to adopt, You may modify it to suit your own needs, but here is a basic version of it:

God Is, I Am

I and the Divine are One,

Thank You, God

for guiding, directing and protecting me now.

Use this if you like – always employ only techniques and tools that are ones which are in agreement with your personal belief system. Otherwise, they will prove to be of no use to you. So this is merely a suggestion. Another you might like to try is to imagine yourself surrounded by a contingency of angels and/or spirit guides whose sole purpose during your chakra balancing is to help you feel safe, protected, and to facilitate your healing on every level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even financial. Angel communicators have written time and time again that these divine messengers can assist humans most thoroughly and effectively when we call upon them for assistance. If you choose to do this, just be sure to thank them (and any spirit guides or loved one in spirit you’re calling forth) in advance. It’s good manners, and it creates the resonance of gratitude within you, which makes all types of healing and balancing more effective.

Root Chakra – Located near the coccyx, or tailbone area, the root chakra is home to basic primal foundational needs such as survival. The innate urge for “flight or fight” is said to originate here. The color linked with the root chakra is red. If you are having trouble manifesting things or situations in your life, it’s likely that your root chakra is blocked and needs to be cleared, especially of any fear-based beliefs. To balance and re-ground yourself, including feeling safe, protected and centered, meditate upon your root chakra and visualize the color red reverberating there. Since many people unfortunately associate red with the emotion “anger,” it’s suggested you try instead to allow the red flowing to your root chakra to represent courage, pioneering spirit and strength. Toning the chakras (using vocalization) while visualizing them as healthy and whole can be extremely beneficial. Some toning sounds for each chakra can be found below this section.

2nd or Sacral Chakra – One step above the root, the second chakra’s color is orange. It deals with the libido – sexual energy as well as creativity. It is also the foundation of our emotions. Should you feel an imbalance in your sexual desires or orientation, or perhaps be dealing with emotions such as low self-esteem, listlessness, lack of passion for life, etc., then this chakra will most definitely benefit from some healing and clearing.  Visualize filling this chakra with a clear, beautiful orange light, while taking slow, steady, deep breaths and sending them to your second chakra. 

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra – Located at your “core” the solar plexus chakra links with the color yellow. “Gut instinct” or intuition often kicks in at this point of the body, and should be honored to the best of one’s ability – in particular, going with your first intuitive impression rather than letting your logical left brain cause you to overthink things and create self-doubt. Also, if this chakra is imbalanced, you may be more likely to take on projects or jobs that don’t advance your goals, or you may feel like a victim and that you are out of control. This chakra is extremely important to keep clear and balanced in order to experience a healthy, happy, fulfilled life.

Heart Chakra – Logically, the heart chakra is located in the center or your upper chest, and is where love flows to and from. If you feel happy and loved in your relationships, including the one with yourself, your heart chakra is in balance and functioning properly. However, if you are dealing with a lot of discord in your relationships, it is likely blocked. The traditional color used to heal and open the heart chakra is green, though in recent years many people have found that breathing in the energy of rose quartz pink (the vibration of unconditional love) works equally well. Choose the color that most appeals to you and has the best outcome.

Throat Chakra – Not surprisingly, this chakra is all about communication. The color linked to it is blue. If you feel that you cannot speak your heart and mind properly, your throat chakra could stand some clearing and balancing. When it is open, you are never afraid to voice your opinion. However, an abundance of unnecessary talking can also cause your throat chakra to become imbalanced.

Third Eye Chakra – Located in the center of your forehead, exactly between your eyes and a bit above the top of your nose is your third eye chakra. It is where your psychic and intuitive messages enter, and it serves as a portal to higher dimensions and beings when in a meditative state. You may be able to accurately predict future events. When your third eye is closed, you are completely focused only on earthly events and your physical body, and have no desire to tune into or explore spiritual topics. The color used to access and enhance your third eye is indigo.

Crown Chakra – At the top of your head, smack dab in the center is your crown chakra. Universal energetic connectivity is achieved through meditating on this chakra, and when it is open properly, it’s a portal through which you can learn to astral project. Visualize pure incandescent white light pouring into your crown chakra to cleanse and open it; some people prefer to imagine the white light infused with strands of gold or silver – this is completely your choice. If your crown chakra is closed, you feel cut off from others and any source of guidance or direction. If you are going through a rough time, feeling deep depression and overall unhappiness, you can try meditating upon your crown chakra; flood it with beautiful, divine light as you breathe deeply – all the way in, then all the way out. If you feel a bit of pressure on the top of your head, don’t worry – this is just additional proof that you are successfully connecting with ascended, advanced energy/beings.

Chakra Toning Sounds

The following sounds/syllables come from the teachings of the Sufis. They are sometimes referred to as “bija seed sounds.” You may choose to incorporate toning them into your visualization and other chakra cleansing procedures.

Root Chakra – “Lam” – Long “aaah” sound

2nd Chakra – “Vam” – Vaahm

Solar Plexus Chakra – “Ram” – raahm

Heart Chakra – “Yam” – yaahm

Throat Chakra – “Ham” (not like pork!) rather the long “aah” sound, as for the previous ones – “haahm”

Third Eye and Crown Chakras – Om – open “O” sound with a slight lingering on the “Mmm” sound is used for each.

You can set the pitch of each chakra tone to correspond with its location in the body. For example, the crown chakra pitch could be quite high (comfortably so) and then you can progressively lower the pitch as you tone downward through the remaining chakras. You can tone up or down, your choice.

Remember, you may discover that not ALL of your seven chakras need fine tuning; meditate upon which ones are most in need of help, and focus upon those. If you are more comfortable working with a healing practitioner or partner, they can often help provide more objective feedback for you about which one(s) of your chakras need the most TLC.