BaZi – The Eastern Art Of Mastering Time



BaZi is the second part of Chinese astrology.  Bazi masters time while Feng Shui masters space. It uses the Eight Characters approach, and it helps you to understand your life. BaZi is known as the Four Pillars too.  It gets its beginnings from the 5-element theory.  This is what happens when you use your birthdate information to find out what will happen in your future.  It’s a very intricate form of Chinese fortune-telling.  It’s a form of predicting your destiny.  It deals with important areas of a your life.  The important areas that BaZi can predict are as follows:












And more

BaZi is used to predict the life path that you will take.  It can also analyze the various relationships that you will have in your life at a given time. When you want to use Bazi for the information you want to know about your life, you can use your year, month, day and hour of your birth to calculate the outcome and predict your future.  The calculations go into four separate Chinese characters.  These are called Jia Zi.  These same four pairs  become eight.  The same Eight Characters, which in other words is called Bazi.  This is where the Four Pillars come in too.  Each pair of the eight characters is called a pillar.  

These eight characters utilize the Five Elements by separating the eight characters into the yin and the yang.  Analyzing the eight characters in different combinations results in a variety of issues that can help you to predict your own life and your own nature.  Issues that it can predict for you are:






You will be able to benefit from this information in a variety of ways.  Since this is an excellent predictor of the future, here are the things that you can learn for yourself:

Strengthen your love life.

Help your relationships with friends and other loved ones.

Make life decisions that will work for you.

Become stronger in the weak areas of your life.

Make your work performance improve.

Utilize your talents to their fullest extent.

Realize your potential.

As you can see, BaZi will be a great help to you.  It can help you to maximize your potential as well as improve on all areas of your life.  BaZi is about using the cycles of luck to make your life better.

What Are Some Of The Questions That BaZi Can Answer For You?

There are a number of answers that Bazi can give to you.  You can find out what you should do about your career to make it go smoother or if you should switch to another one.  Finding out whether or not to stay in a relationship is another answer you will be able to find by using BaZi.  In fact, you can predict the answer to almost any question that you have by using the BaZi method.  It’s a good way to predict the different aspects of your life and help you to make better informed decisions.

A Bazi Chart And Transformations

In Chinese astrology, a BaZi chart can be broken down into transformations.  The transformations come from the Five Elements in the BaZi chart.  These can be transformed again and again.  Understanding these is very important when reading a BaZi chart, which is also the Four Pillars of Destiny chart.  These transformations can help you understand what will happen in your life and what you can do about it.  There are also different situations that can crop up too so there are a variety of ways that you can handle them according to Chinese Astrology BaZi.

There are Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems in a BaZi chart.  These represent the five elements and help to predict your future.  The Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems can be both transformed into various combinations.  These aspects are what make the BaZi chart extremely important.  It can show you just what is happening in your life, what the problems are and what you can do about them.  For this reason, it is very beneficial to know a variety of transformations and their combinations so you can understand yourself better.  

Learning about your strengths and weaknesses is what this can do for you in a really intricate and important way.  Knowing this information is extremely beneficial because you can understand what you need to do.  You will be able to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves in your life and also find out just what to do about the problems that you have been experiencing.  Since this can be your answer to all the questions that you have been having about your life and the ups and downs that you experience, it’s a good idea to do your chart and figure out just what you need to know.

Once you realize the different transformations, you can then decide whether or not they are good to take or not good to take.  You can also find out whether or not it is even possible to make the transformation at all.  

As mentioned earlier, there are Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stem transformations that can occur in a BaZi chart. However, the Early Branches transformations are much more complicated than the Heavenly Stem transformations.  

The Heavenly Stem transformations are 5 and these are as follows:

1.  To transform or to remain the same.

2.  Is it better to transform?

3.  Is it better not to transform?

4.  What happens from the transformation?

5.  What happens if there is not a transformation?

The Earthly Branches transformations are more complicated.  They are as follows:

1.  Transformations and combinations are 6 pairs.

2.  There are triple potential transformations and harmony combinations.

3.  Pre triple potential transformations and harmony combinations.

4.  Post triple potential transformations and harmony combinations 

5.  Potential transformations and directional combinations.

6.  Potential transformations and underground combinations.

7.  Potential transformations and arch combinations.

All of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches transformations can give you quite a way to master your destiny.  You can analyze your BaZi chart using all of these different ways of understanding your present and predicting your future.  You want to make sure you pick the right thing to do.  

All of these types of transformations can take part in any aspect of your life.  They can affect your relationships, your career, your strengths and weaknesses and your overall outlook on life.  Using the information in your chart to help you to gear towards more successes and avoid pitfalls is important.  When you study your chart, you’ll see the different variations you can pick out and the outcomes will be different for each one.  Since there are so many different outcomes, you’ll need to go through each and every one when you are plotting out your chart.  After you complete this task, you’ll be in a better position of understanding what is happening to you and around you at any given time and in all different kinds of situations in your life.  The information will benefit you for a long time to come and you can refer to it over and over again when you have a question about what you should do.  You’ll have a better idea of how to plan your life and move forward without hesitation knowing that you are doing the right thing.  

The BaZi Chart Is Very Important

The BaZi chart is so important to learning about yourself and what will happen in your future.  In order to learn how to do your chart properly, you should have someone who is adept to do the chart for you at first.  Then, you can do it for yourself.  You can then go through all the different combinations that are possible with the Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems and use them to produce results in your life.  

Having this information handy will be ideal for you because you can refer to it time and time again.  It’s a good idea to keep it in a folder that you label.  Keep the folder in a file cabinet where you can reach it quickly.  Consult your BaZi chart whenever you have a question about what you are doing at the present time, and what you should do about the situation in the future.  Keep a lot of blank papers behind your chart so that you can keep a diary about the different things that you have learned about yourself and how you have used your chart to make yourself into a better person and create the future that you deserve.  By keeping the diary, you can look back on where you were when you began your journey with your BaZi chart and how many things have improved since you took the time to learn the information and plot out your various transformations with the Earthly Branches and the Heavenly Stems.  Since all this is so useful to you, it will be easy to decide what you need to do in many different aspects of your life.  Your path in life will be much clearer than it used to be, and you’ll be more fulfilled too.  

Bazi will help you align yourself properly in the present so you can have a better future.  The future you were meant to have.  It is the destiny that you have been searching for.  Have your BaZi chart completed and learn as much as you can from all of it.  The benefits will show in the choices and decisions that you make in your present and future life.  Having this knowledge will give you the confidence you need to make better decisions and know the things that you need to do.