Astral Projection – A Truly Out Of Body Experience

There is a school of thought that promotes the concept that countless people worldwide, regardless of belief system/religion, race, age or station in life experience astral projection at night when they are asleep.

Some prefer to refer to astral projection as lucid dreaming. What happens when this phenomenon occurs is the separation of an individual’s astral body from their physical one, enabling them to travel to celestial or further outlying astral planes beyond their worldly existence.

While astral traveling, it is possible to meet with loved ones who have passed on from their earthly lives, as well as to interact with beings of higher consciousness who may impart a more evolved level of wisdom and teaching. In addition, astral travel is believed to be a means of “checking in on” other people who are still very much alive on the physical plane.

The Mystery Of Astral Projection

It’s something quite mystical, which for centuries was perceived as an experience limited to highly evolved humans such as monks, shamans or those who have studied spirituality and/or metaphysics for much of their lives. However, since the 20th century, an increased number of “regular” people have successfully been able to achieve astral projection, and have been more and more vocal about their adventures while in that state. Quite often, conscious awareness is maintained while doing astral projection, enabling the traveler to have crystal clear lucidity during the process, as well as being able to vividly recall and report what they experiences once back in a full waking state. Some astral travelers have revealed that their astral journeys have led them to finding solutions for conflicts and challenges that exist in their waking life. So how may someone learn to achieve success in astral projection?

1) Practice Meditation 

Those who regularly practice meditation/the ability to still the left brain, analytical mind, are much more likely to have success in their astral travel This is due to the fact that meditators tend to become more comfortable with the multi-dimensional nature of our universe through their metaphysical experiences and the revelations they may receive during the course of regular meditation. Incorporating daily meditation into your routine, even if it’s just for a few minutes per day, will greatly enhance your ability to achieve astral traveling simply because being in a meditative state, you become more easily open to the realization that our waking hours/conscious awareness is extremely limited. Neuroscience has proven that the majority of human beings only employ a small percentage of their brain power while in an alert, waking state. Learning to meditate increases your ability to access deeper brain activity, stimulates creativity and inspiration, and brings about an innate state of inner peace.

Astral projection requires mastery of the mind to a large degree, which is highly unlikely to be achieved without developing the habit of regular meditation. If you’ve never practiced meditation, there are many books, audios and videos available which will provide excellent guidelines on how to begin. One of the main requirements is that you keep an open mind, give yourself permission to let go of waking life thoughts during your meditation session, and release the tendency to analyze any images or thoughts that may float through your consciousness. You can begin by doing just five minutes of meditation per day, to get yourself into the habit. Many people report excellent success when they practice meditation at a set, regular time each day. Practice, patience and persistence will enhance not only your meditation, but your ability to successfully astral travel as well. There are many “guided” meditation and visualization aids that you may find helpful in the beginning stages of your exploration of this quiet, powerful technique. Ultimately, your goal should be to meditate quietly, anywhere, anytime that you feel moved to do so. Some people find a “movement meditation” works best for them – they practice stilling their mind while keeping their body in motion – on a treadmill, elliptical machine or stationary bicycle for example. Others have great success when they are listening to environmental sounds in the background such as ocean waves, rainfall, or the sound of light breezes. Try a number of techniques to see which ones work best for you, and then commit to doing your meditation faithfully, increasing the amount of time spent doing so as you move forward in it.

2) Practice Exercises for Astral Projection

A) Choose the optimum time for you. Some people advocate practicing astral projection in the morning, rather than at bedtime – preferably right after you wake up and are still in a bit of a drowsy, relaxed state. Some people find that your awareness may be more heightened early in the morning, around dawn. You can try both times, or even try in the middle of the day, if that suits your schedule best. You’ll find your best time of day or night by practicing at various times.

B) Location – A deep state of relaxation, feeling safe and peaceful is mandatory in order to astral project. You also need quiet and privacy. So choose a room in your home where you feel perfectly comfortable and safe, and ask anyone else in the house to avoid disturbing you while you’re practicing. It’s best if you are alone in the room. Draw the shades or blinds to make it darker, and be sure to turn off all alarms and phone ringers. If you normally sleep with a partner, you may want to do your astral projection practice in a recliner or on the couch, so that you create a source that’s only used by you for that specific purpose. Later, once you master doing this, you’ll most likely be able to do it while sleeping in your bed, even if your partner is present.

C) Position yourself and breathe. Lie flat on your back, close your eyes, and lightly flex your leg and arm muscles and then relax them. Do this several times. Begin taking nice, slow deep breaths, all the way in and all the way out. Give yourself complete permission to let the cares and worries of the world melt away while you’re practicing, and just allow yourself to focus on the rise and fall of your breath, breathing in and filling up the diaphragm muscle so that  your stomach extends a bit with each inhalation, then exhale completely. This is also one of the best ways to breathe for your meditation practice.

D) Realize you’re going to be transporting your soul from your body, just as it happens automatically when you dream. You’ll feel yourself drifting into somewhat of a hypnotic state as you’re breathing and relaxing. Don’t allow yourself to completely lose track of consciousness; if you can remain on the brink somewhere between sleep and being fully alert and awake, you’ll be in an ideal state to astral travel. Here are some tips:

With eyes still closed, focus on a particular body part, – like one of your fingers or toes. Focus your awareness there until  you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Imagine flexing it, but do not physically do so. Visualize your fingers clenching and unclenching, your toes curling and extending, but don’t physically move them. Extend your focus to your entire body – imagine it moving using only your mind, no muscle movement.

Let yourself move into a vibratory state. Some astral travelers describe feeling a series of vibrations that come in waves on various frequencies, flowing over and through your body. Allow this to happen, staying relaxed. These frequencies will help transport your soul on its astral journey.

Move your soul from your body with your mind. Imagine the room in which you are lying, continuing to lie still, eyes closed, breathing steadily and deeply. Move your body with the power of your mind so that you are standing. Look around the room at your surroundings, walk around; go to the opposite side of the room. Imagine looking over at the bed or couch where your body is lying, and see your own body resting there.

You’ll know your out of body experience (or OBE) has been successful once you feel that you are gazing at your own body from another vantage point. This is validation that your conscious self has separated from your physical body.

Should you have trouble getting to the point where you can move your entire body with the power of your mind, try lifting just a hand or foot. Keep practicing until you are able to move your entire body across the room. Some people have said that by imagining their body rolling over on its side, as you do when you get out of bed, and then further imagine your soul rolling out of your body, that this process becomes easier and quicker with practice.

Reunite your soul with your body. You may like to imagine that your body and soul are always connected by what some call “the silver cord.” Let the energetic force or wave vibration carry you back to your body and gently guide your soul back into your physical form. Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes – physically now – and allow yourself to full reintegrate with your full self. Open your eyes, and sit up slowly. You may find it helpful to take a few sips of water as you begin to move around and re-acclimate to being back in your body. Don’t do anything extremely left brain for about an hour, such as your taxes or anything stressful. Just enjoy the day, do something lighthearted and fun, at least for a few minutes before jumping right into your required activities.

E) Further Exploration of the Astral Plane

Once you feel confident moving your soul out of your body in the same room, next time you are practicing, don’t look back at your body. This time, leave the room where your body is resting and move elsewhere in the house. Focus on an object in another room – one that you’ve never really paid much attention to in the past. Imagine picking it up, looking at it in great detail – shape, size, color, etc. Breathe. Return to the room where you physical body is at rest and go through your reintegration process. Then after slowly sitting up and re-grounding yourself, go to that other room and pick up the object you examined while projecting. Are you able to confirm the details you observed when you were checking it out with the power of your mind?

During future sessions, let yourself travel further, eventually going to locations where you’ve never traveled physically. Every time you do so, pay close attention to as many details as possible. Stay relaxed, know that the silver cord is always keeping you connected to your body and can never be broken – that you are safe, wherever you wander. You are always able to return to your body when you are ready.

F) More Tips to Consider

If you believe in a Higher Power, Angels and/or Spirit Guides, if it’s comforting to you, say a prayer of protection prior to each astral projection journey; ask those evolved beings to keep  you absolutely safe as you go exploring. You can imagine a glowing white life surrounding your body and your soul as you travel, further protecting you, keeping you absolutely safe.

If you decide to travel to visit a relative/friend in another state or country, keep your focus on that goal. When you achieve it, try not to let your excitement overtake you – if you do, you’ll zap right back into your body pronto, usually with a jolt. Also, once you’re there, try to avoid thoughts like, “Gosh, I’m sure glad I didn’t wind up at Aunt Judy’s” because the power of that thought will likely send you exactly where you don’t want to go.

There are books, classes, videos and DVDs you may want to study about OBEs. Practice frequently, and you may want to journal about your experiences in order to help make them more real and meaningful.

Astral projection is an art that is characterized by out-of-body experience, which means that the “astral body” separates from the physical body and is capable of traveling outside it.

There are 7 types of bodies in a human being:

The physical body representing the physical world ( We can all see and touch )
The astral body representing the astral world ( the world of our feelings and desires)
The mental body representing the mental world ( The world of thoughts)
The causal body representing the world of Ideas, Intuition, The knowledge of God.
The buddic body representing the world of Universal Love, The love of God
The Atmic body representing the world of Divine Power, the will of God.

Beginning Your Journey In Astral Projection

The human consciousness can use many different vehicles of traveling and one of the many vehicles is the astral body. The moment you use your “astral body” to travel your consciousness you are already in the process of moving your consciousness from your corporal body to your subconscious astral body. This transfiguration is known as the Astral Projection.

If you are interested in trying astral projection there are some requisites that you need to know and these are:

  • You have to have strong desire to astral project. Without enough aspiration, chances are you will fail over and over again.
  • You must be ready to leave your corporal body to be able to enter your astral body. Let go of any fear, if you can do that, you are likely to succeed in projecting.
  • You must develop strong concentration. This is probably the biggest challenge for most of us considering all the commotion going on around us. However, if you have strong desire to succeed in astral projection, you must achieve higher level of concentration.
  • You have to learn how to relax. Find your most comfortable place where you can achieve great level of concentration and relaxation. Breathe normally and let your body loosen up and finally relax.

Once you have mastered the above-mentioned prerequisites it is now high time to separate from your physical body. To do that, you must remain in high level of concentration and relaxation then begin to visualize your astral body separates from your physical body. Once you felt the vibration all over your body, begin lifting your arms and legs out from your physical body followed by your buttocks, back and head.

Let the vibration to continue until you hear some cracking and popping noises that sounds like an old record player. Once you hear that noise, roll out completely from your body and float in the air. By then you are free to move around and watch your body from above.