Angels – Love And Protection From The Heavens Above

Have you wondered whether angels exist? And if they do, how you might become more aware of their presence, and even enlist their help? Well, this article has been created to help you do exactly that, if you’re willing to consider the possibilities.

The Bible, among other religious texts, states that God communicates with humans through a variety of His messengers, called angels. The angels often deliver God’s answers to prayer, or are way-showers who help mankind. It has been stipulated that there are nine categories of angels within three divisions, sometimes called choirs. It is said that angels are extremely patient, loving and forgiving. 

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people (you may be among this number – I know I am) have experienced situations where some sort of unexplained “intervention” has kept them safe or helped them avoid or emerge from potentially dangerous situations.

At times, these precarious circumstances involve walking away from life-threatening scenarios, and there is no logical or scientific explanation. Is it possible that angels have intervened? Read on, and decide for yourself.

You’ve undoubtedly seen news stories where people have survived seemingly insurmountable odds and lived to tell their tale – for example, recently there was a family who somehow managed to stay alive in their broken-down car in the middle of a snowstorm with no food or water for several days.

Such people often report feeling an unusual sense of comfort and encouragement that kept them going, helped them maintain positive energy and hope…angels are said to be masters of that; encouraging humans to hang in there, refuse to give into panic and depression.

It’s been said and written many times that angels can assist us most effectively when we invite and welcome their help – that when we do so, they know they are not interfering with humankind’s free will choice, and therefore can intervene without depriving us of a soul lesson that for whatever reason we may have decided would be best learned unaided.

So you’re encouraged to practice connecting with your angels and humbly asking for their assistance with matters that are especially challenging. If you decide to exercise this, it’s highly recommended that you express your gratitude in advance, for whatever they may be able to do on your behalf.

The attitude of gratitude is a powerful vibration that stems from the larger emotion of love, and love is certainly something which angels are said to personify and share willingly. So in other words, when you thank them in advance for any help they may be available to give, you’re speaking their language!

Categories Of Angels

In most writing about angels, three groups of these beings are described, with three divisions contained within each group – totaling nine types of angels.

The first category of the angelic realm reaches earth and interacts with its inhabitants through a series of force fields and light rays, as well as sound frequencies. One of their primary assignments is to dispense unconditional love into the universe. Therefore, one potential explanation for why you may experience goose bumps or feel cold when in prayer, meditation or other religious/devotional practices might be that you are feeling the presence of angels. You may also see flashes of color for which there is no scientific explanation.

Seraphim are said to be the angels that are closest to God; encircling His throne, they give off intense light that is fiery in nature, and represent the Creator’s love. There are only four seraphim, and have been described as “fiery serpents,” with four faces and six wings each. However, when they are dispatched to the earth plane on their angel duty, they tend to take on human characteristics, resembling tall, clean-cut beings. There are numerous tales of angelic visits to earth contained within the Bible – for example, the ones who were sent to offer help prior to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Cherubs, or cherubim are the record keepers of God’s knowledge as well as celestial records. Prior to their depiction as sweet-faced babies that you see on greeting cards and other art forms, cherubim were described as looking almost sphinx-like and having human faces. Some tasks that cherubim have been assigned include banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Lucifer, prior to his fall from grace, was a cherub.

Thrones have an extremely distinctive and bizarre appearance – they have been compared to enormous wheels with eyes, that glow with an unearthly light. Part of their duties are to be God’s chariot which travels to earth to deliver God’s messages and desires to mankind.

The second choir or category of angels are said to dwell in a dimension midway between heaven and earth and are thought to be governors of heaven who create balance between the spiritual and material worlds, as well as good and bad.

Dominions take orders from the seraphim and cherubim, acting to insure that heads of government as well as other authority figures work to keep the cosmos in an orderly working balance. The chief angel of the dominions is Zadkiel, at times called Hashmal.

Virtues often appear as light sparks – like dominions, they also receive orders from the upper angelic hierarchy – they inspire humankind in areas such as science, music, healing and art. They have the power to create earthly miracles. The two angels who appeared at the ascension of Jesus are thought to be virtues.

Powers take on the appearance of hazy, brightly colored fumes. One of their primary duties is to serve in the capacity of what might be called “border patrol agents” between the celestial and material worlds. Additionally, they are considered the angels who preside over birth and death, and advise humans on ideology, theology and religion.

The third category of angels contains the following:

Principalities are one of the easier angelic categories to remember, because their name aligns their duties in a similar vein to the principal of a school – in other words, they oversee the happenings of earth, providing guidance along the way. They are active in political and religious matters, and are in charge of the angels underneath themselves. They tend to appear as rays of light.

Archangels are perhaps the most well-known angels, because they are often mentioned in the Bible and other religious writings. The three who are mentioned most often are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, though it is believed there are others including Uriel and Metatron. They often intercede by assisting with matters, which affect humanity at large, and are the guardians of all things physical, including people. They are said to be the first order of angels that appear in human form exclusively, often functioning as agents of change in areas such as human rights, explorers and philosophers.

Lastly, the more generic term Angels refers to the category who are the go-betweens for humans and God. Everyone is believed to have a guardian angel assigned to them from birth until death. There is a school of thought that we may have more than one guardian angel, and that certain angels work with us at various times in our life to help us with specific problems or situations – that such angels “specialize” in various areas.

There has been a massive amount of art created through the centuries depicting angels of various categories, often seen assisting humankind with certain chores, or escorting them to their “heavenly reward” when it is their time to leave this “mortal coil.” The study of angelic art is fascinating, and there is also a huge body of written works about our angel friends. One of the most popular writers and teachers of angels in the 20th and 21st centuries is Doreen Virtue. She has written many books, and teaches and lectures on the subject of angels frequently. Her work is well worth exploring, if you are curious about learning more about the angelic realm.

Whatever your personal conclusions about angels, suffice it to say that there is a large group of believers who feel that angels lend us a hand frequently, if not on a daily basis. Many people have reported being stuck in the middle of an invention or other creative process, and suddenly experiencing what might be called “divine intervention” in the 11th hour, which helped them come up with a previously unthought-of solution. So who’s to say that angels don’t exist? You are encouraged to do some research, including exploring the possibility of reaching out and communicating with your angels, just to see what type of response or changes might occur in your life. They only work for good, so what’s the harm? It’s suggested that you simply implore their assistance with sincerity, and thank them in advance for whatever is it they might be able to influence or change in your life. Remember, they are not allowed to interfere with human free will choice, so your invitation for their help is necessary in order for them to most fully reach out and lend you a hand.

Believing in angels has brought hope, healing and innovative creation in a wide array of human endeavors. So who are we to pooh-pooh their existence? Why not give a try to enlisting angelic intervention in your own life? If you choose to do so, you may wish to keep an “angel journal” or diary, and track the improvements/changes that manifest within your life. In a time of darkness spread throughout so much of the earth with atrocities like terrorism and genocide still occurring on a widespread basis, calling upon the angels for divinely inspired aid and the spreading of light can only lead to good. Give it a go, and remember – it’s been said many times that angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly…. so having an open mind and heart, and a twinkle of humor when communicating with them is highly recommend. Blessings to you!

Beginners Guide: Preparing to read your Angel Oracle Cards

Whatever we do in life we normally do it while we are in a “state” or in “mood”. Sometimes we say these lines. I’m not in the mood” or “Surely, I will get the hang of it when I’m in the mood” and the like. Oftentimes, our mood just flow unconsciously however, when you know how to consciously trigger it you will have the control over it.

In reading your Angel cards it is important that you help yourself get into a certain “state” where you can clearly hear the guidance from the Angels. Common sense will tell you that when you need to hear guidance you should not just open your ears but also your mind and heart. Hence, it is helpful if you clear your mind and be quite. Once you are stressed, anxious or worried chances are you may misinterpret and respond badly to what the card is showing you. Then you miss the guidance that you suppose to take. Keeping the mood and staying in a state of harmony before and after card reading will benefit you the most.

You can prepare yourself to be ready for Angel oracle card reading and you can do it in many ways whichever suits you best. To prepare, you can first have a warm bath while you listen to a music that has a calming effect in preparation for meditation. You can try some classical, instrumental or spiritual music. You may also opt to go for a peaceful walk to calm your mind as well as your body. Furthermore, exercise is definitely a good way to get rid of tension and gain balance of mind and body.

With the above-mentioned techniques to help you prepare yourself, you must observe and learn the methods that work best for you. Write down each method that you enjoy the most to help yourself to relax and meditate. Moreover, once you are peaceful and calm from within, it can better help you get into the “state” if you sit quietly and envision your communication with the Angel.

You also need to work on your surroundings. It is best to prepare the room in such a way that energy can just freely flow and not cluttered especially when you are reading your cards. To prepare your room, you may light a candle or candles if that would trigger better mood then you can play music. As for your reading table, you may opt to use a special cloth dedicated only for your Angel Oracle card reading. Burning some incense or using smudge stick can help you ensure you will only get positive vibes inside the room.

The reason why you have to do all this preparation is because you just don’t want to get results; you want to get amazing results right? Preparing yourself and your surroundings can better help you in listening and understanding the message that the Angels have given you. Hence, the communication between you and the Angels will be clearer and the connection will be a lot stronger. Moreover, when you are prepared from the inside and out, you are open to receive amazing energies that support you in contacting the Angels to aid you with your challenges and issues in virtually all aspects of your life.