The Best Ancient Wisdom From The Top 20 Ascended Masters Of All Time

I know what you’re searching for.

If you’re like us – a seeker of truth and a person who is hungry for ancient wisdom, you’re probably willing to ‘climb the mountain’ so you can see a masters and glean words of wisdom like, “Why are we here or what’s the meaning of life…”

The problem is, most of us don’t have the time to climb the mountain – assuming you can find the right mountain in the first place.

So what’s the alternative?

Well, we’ve decided to bring the mountain and all the masters’ wisdom all in one place.

But first…

Who Are Ascended Masters And Why They Matter?

Ascended masters go by many names like Sadgurus, perfect masters, enlightened masters… they are all the same.

The term ascended master is referred to a being, who through his spiritual work, raised his consciousness and vibration to such level where he was able to complete his or her karma and attain ‘God realization’.

In other words, the ascended master is ‘God’ in the flesh – the highest source of energy and wisdom on the planet.

They make up the spiritual hierarchy of the earth, and their presence can be traced through human spiritual thought and religion from the modern era all the way back into prehistory.

(Think of it like a spiritual multi-level marketing. An ascended master sits right at the top of the cosmic pyramid.)

While Ascended Masters and their wisdom come in many forms, they all originate from the one true source and what they teach transcends the dogmas of all religions, all races, all nations, both genders, and share only the common thread of the universality of the spiritual quest of humanity.

This is the most transcended form of equality.

The wisdom of ascended masters also stand the test of time. Thousands of years even after they have transited, their wisdom is cemented in the minds of men and women and perpetuated by their billions of followers throughout the centuries.

You will recognize an ascended master is recognizable by their energy and people are drawn to their wisdom.

Which brings us to…

Who Are Our Most Enlightened Masters Throughout History?

There are many masters through many lifetimes that exist throughout history.

Thousands – known or unknown has impacted humanity and shifted the earth’s vibrations.

The work of Ascended masters has inspired 100 of the best ancient wisdom.

Some masters were hidden while others have a public ministry and their work is recognized by millions of followers.

Many of us might recognize some names while some names are not in our conscious awareness.

But regardless of who they were in their countless cycle of rebirth, they are returning now to use their wisdom to help the rest of humanity in their ascension process.

As far back as the early periods Before Christ (BC), these phenomenal beings have shown that the importance of any individual transcends time and space.

According to the Book “The Wisdom Of Ascended Masters” is an amazing compilation of the wisdom of ascended masters from various parts of the world throughout history. It narrates the lives of these masters who mostly from humble beginnings had higher purposes that impacted millions of people from one generation to the other.

NOTE: We make no attempt to include every single master for that would be impossible (some ascended masters are unknown). Therefore, this list contains our pick on OUR favorite ascended masters at this point in time:

No.20 – Paramhansa Yogananda

Paramhansa Yogananda from a very young age had a high level of spiritual awareness that was uncommon and peculiar.

As he grew, he became more curious about spiritual matters and sought knowledge from Hindu leaders in India in the hope of finding his spiritual guide and teacher.

He taught the Krishna yoga and taught his followers to channel their energy to do good to others.

His teachings were purposeful and inspirational as he believed evolution was the purpose of life as human consciousness merged with an inner, higher power.  

He constantly demonstrated the superiority of the mind over body and of the soul over the mind through teachings and advocated for unity & service to man in his messages.

No.19 – Babaji

Mahvtar Babaji was referred to as the Yogi-Christ of India.

His name is translated as the “revered father” which implies that he was highly respected and revered in the country of India and beyond.

The revered father of yoga who lived in simplicity; taught love and service to all humanity.

He taught his followers not to engage in evil, but to follow the way of Light and be diligent.

He also taught that the key to a long, rewarding and fruitful life is to remove all forms of envy and jealousy towards people who may want to derail a person from fulfilling his or her purpose.

No.18 – Anandamayi Ma

She taught unity and oneness through her simple lifestyle and devotion to her calling.

A personification of endless joy, her followers would feel bliss just staring at her seemingly blissful state of being engrossed with the joy of twinship with the divine.

She is a teacher of tantra, she had was passed on, through her unique teachings and lessons the belief that true oneness can be achieved when twinship with God is realized.

No.17 – Sai Baba of Shirdi

The first of the Sai Babas, he is regarded as a holy man to Hindus, Muslims and people from all over the world.

His followers recognized him as a perfect master because of the power he wielded in transforming lives and circumstances for good.

He never formally aligned himself with any religion and taught that God is the owner of us all.

He taught his followers to see the God in them.

His followers also believed that after he transited, He would come back again in another form of Sai Baba.

No.16 – Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran was well known for his writings and poetry.

He believed in universalism and offered spiritualism that was free of dogma.

His belief to make people feel good and was not judgmental or moralistic.

He helped his people and fans by encouraging then to express their ideas and thoughts with free minds and spirit.

Gibran also taught gratitude and kindness.

He believed spirituality should be free and liberating.

No.15 – Rumi

Regarded as probably the greatest poet that ever lived, Rumi had a unique way with words and blessed people with his beautiful poetry.

Born Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, he was a popular Persian poet, spiritual teacher and Islamic scholar who was well known in the 13th century.

Some of his greatest quotes include:

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” 

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

No.14 – Vishnu

Vishnu is said to be one of the most important gods in Hindu, a member of the godhead.

He is a part of the Hindu “trinity,” or trimurti, along with Brahma and Shiva.

Vishnu is called the Preserver, and is regarded as a guardian of men and protector of universal order.

He believed that truth was the only reality in life and that all souls are redeemable.

He taught reincarnation and urged his devotees to be committed to balance in their lives.

No.13 – Radha

This goddess preached love and taught that words should be filled with sweetness and love.

Believed to have reincarnated from another guru form, she enamored her followers with her kindness and beauty.

She is considered to be an incarnation of Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, in keeping with Krishna’s role as an incarnation of Vishnu.

The relationship between Radha and Krishna represents not only earthly love, but the intense loving relationship between humanity and the divine.

She teaches that all earthly actions should be performed in perfect love, and in adoration of the divine.

No.12 – Gaia

The goddess of all life was an inspiration to many as Gaia is the personification of the earth itself.

She is one of the primordial deities in Greek and Roman mythology who is born at the dawn of creation, and is the mother from whom all other gods, and all of humanity by extension, descend from.

Her life was her teaching, she stood up to anyone who was out to oppress her.

Many followers embody her teachings and remain inspired to see beauty in all things.

Gaia also teaches that not even the gods are greater than the earth herself.

No.11 – Zoroaster


Zoroaster, also called Zarathustra, was an Iranian prophet who founded the earliest religion of Zoroastrianism.

He was considered to be the first Avatar on earth and the original Perfect Master.

A peculiar prophet who birthed a new form of religion, he taught the power of reflection and content in all things.

He believed that one should “Turn yourself not away from three best things: Good Thought, Good Word, and Good Deed.”

No.10 – Mother Mary

Mother of the Messiah, she stood for purity and obedience and is revered by her many followers all over the world.

She was visited by an Angel who announces that she will bear a child, and that the child would be not only a prophet or great teacher, but the Son of God himself. 

Though she was a virgin, and would remain one until she gave birth, Mary submitted to the divine will and welcomed the pregnancy that she knew would result in no small amount of ridicule and nasty rumor – both for her and for her betrothed, Joseph.

She runs the divine mother energy similar to Quan Yin and millions call upon her for comfort and tenderness.

No.9 – Tara

Goddess of purity and love, she always appeared to anyone based on the help they required of her.

This ascended master is a popular Buddhist goddess and is said to be in many forms and known by various names like “White Tara” or “Green Tara”.

She can manifest in many forms and any color, but most especially to suit the need of anyone who calls on her for help.

She always appears in full headdress, with gold ornaments hanging from it. Her appearance is delicate and soft and yet her energy is of contained power.

She believed in seizing each moment and taught the same to all her followers.

No.8 – Quan Yin

A beloved Goddess adored throughout Eastern circles as well as the rest of the world, she is known as the goddess of mercy.

Her followers call upon her in order to ask her to alleviate their sufferings.

Quan Yin carries the divine feminine energy which is a similar energy source used by Mother Mary.

She believed in the power of love and compassion and taught her devotees to follow suit.

Due to her association with animals and compassion, Quan Yin is often associated with vegetarianism, and many vegetarian restaurants in China feature her image.

No.7 – Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba proclaimed that he was the reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

He is regarded as God and adorned with precious jewels.

He condemned any form of violence and believed everyone should be treated fairly and equally regardless of their religion or race.

He taught contentment and trusting only in spiritual matters that will led to spiritual upliftment.

Though transited fairly recently, his followers believed that the next Sai Baba will reincarnate shortly.

No.6 – Mother Meera

Mother Meera helps her devotees rid their lives of clutter and teaches people around in the world to be silent and activate the power within.

Meera works on the mental planes and her darshan includes gazing into the eyes of the receivers of darshan as she ‘unties’ the knots of sanskaras and releases all the ‘trapped’ negative karma.

Kamala Reddy was born on the 26th of December, 1960, in Chandepalle, India to Antamma and Veera Reddy.

From an early age of six, she had her 1st spiritual encounter and was recognized for her visions by her uncle who was convinced that she is the Divine Mother and nurtured her gifts. 

No.5 – Krishna

Krishna is a beloved deity that is the central figure in Hinduism due to his prominent role in the Bhagavad-gita.

He was also known as the Avatar of his time.

This is one god that is prayed to by most Hindus in prayers, songs and chants.

He is often depicted as having four arms and had a unique quality that made him stand out around people.

His teachings enforced his complete belief in the power of bliss.

Though he was plagued with many difficulties in life, he always wore a smile and his devotees have learnt that from him.

No.4 – Jesus Christ

The Messiah, who took on the sins of the world and offered himself as the ultimate sacrifice.

He was considered the good shepherd guiding his flock.

His most important message was love and he shows this by his life and leading.

Rejected by his own people, Jesus’ teachings was considered a ‘renegade’ by the establish order – the Pharisees.

For example, he kept company with fisherman and tax collectors and even showed kindness to prostitutes and lepers.

He truly lived an inspiring life of unconditional love and displayed his ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross.

No.3 – Buddha

Guru and teacher of the vastly known practice of Buddhism, he taught all to remain in the state of zen and draw on their inner strength and capabilities.

Born as Siddartha Gautama, he was an Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher, and is known as the founder of Buddhism. 

His title of Buddha means ‘enlightened one,’ and today the religion he founded is one of the largest in the world.

He believed that the cause of all human suffering is desire and knowing how to control one’s desire will reach a state of

No.2 – Ammachi The Hugging Saint

Dubbed the “Hugging Saint”, she believed her purpose in life was to comfort others and this is evident in her lifestyle and causes.

Known affectionately as Amma, her selflessness is inspiring and she is undeterred in her quest to make the world a safer place.

Born in Kerala, India in 1953, to Sugunanandan and Damayanti, Mātā Amṛtānandamayī was a special child.

She performed chores that exposed her to the sufferings of others and she helped by sharing the little food and clothing she had or could get.

She became a comforter and always reached out to anyone in need regardless of race, societal standing or color.

She saw it as her duty to console those in suffering and has gained global recognition for her selfless acts. She chose to remain unmarried and is engaged in many activities that are geared towards abolishing slavery, human trafficking and torture.

Amma runs one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world and millions travel from all over the world just to receive darshan from her.

2 Honorable Mentions…

Before getting into the no.1 on the list, there are two more honorable mentions:

Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi, who was born in 1879 and died in 1950, was a Hindu Sage.

But more than that, he was recognized as an Ascended Master.

According to this body of thought, whose origins lie in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, certain people throughout history—often, but not always, religious figures— are human beings who have ascended to a higher plane because they were so enlightened throughout their lifetime.

Much of Ramana’s teachings focused on the concept of the self, which is possessed with life force.

He taught that happiness should be sought via knowing oneself. One could not achieve this happiness—this form of self-realization—unless they knew themselves properly. The self is permanent, and endures beyond physical death.

According to him, our true nature is that of being, free from all thought, and that all states of beings—sleeping, dreaming and waking—are all phenomena of the self.


Melchizedek is an important figure in the Old Testament, notable because he is the first figure to be both king and priest.

He was revered by Abraham – another Ascended Master and the patriarch of the Judeo-Christian as well as Muslim religions, who honored Melchizedek as a ‘type’ of Christ.

Melchizidek is widely recognized as an earlier incarnation of Jesus Christ – a high priest of the highest order.

He also teaches the universality of Christ – even though Melchizedek is only mentioned in three books of the Bible, and while not many details of who he is are offered, all of them are symbolically linked with the savior.

No.1 – Meher Baba

At the top of our list is Meher Baba.

He was considered to be the last avatar of our time.

Merwan Sheriar Irani was born in 25 February 1894 in Pune, India.

His life revolved around the quest for spiritual knowledge and he taught his followers to discover their lives’ purposes in servitude.

His popular mantra was “Don’t worry, be happy”.

Meher Baba was initiated by Hazrat Babajan by a kiss on the forehead and remained in complete bliss until he was ‘brought back’ by Upasni Maharaj by throwing a rock on his forehead.

Thus he begun his ministry as the Avatar.

He believed that He was the Christ, back again not to teach something new but to awaken others to their true spiritual nature.

Receiving The Wisdom Of Ascended Masters

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