Akashic Records


Akasha is a  Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance”, indicating the original matter that all things originated from. This refers to the clear, untouched essence from which everything in the Universe was created. This substance is so sensitive that everything, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant has left an impression. It is from those impressions that the Akashic Records are formed.

All That Came Before

To put it simply, Akashic Records contain every thought, action and word that has ever existed. You are more likely to have heard the concept as The Book of Life. This is close but doesn’t fully cover the whole concept. It is more like every book of life comes together to create the Akashic Records.

When each soul was first created, a “notation” was made. As that soul moved through one lifetime after another, every word, action, and thought were recorded in the Records. Before you were born into this lifetime, you had the opportunity to review these records. It helped you understand what your purpose for being born was and it also allowed your soul to review what Life Lessons you needed to learn and what Karmic debts you would be working out.

All That’s Yet to Be

meditation-1384758_960_720-1Because every living thing contributes to the Akashic Records, every soul has access to the knowledge that they contain. In many
instances, the only one that you will have access to is the one that pertains to your life. However, certain individuals, such as shamans, have traditionally been able to access all available records. In addition, souls that reside on higher planes can also add to the records in certain ways.

An example of this last concept is something like the knowledge for a cure for a certain disease. That information is ingrained in a part of the Akashic Record that is freely available to all who seek access. The concept may find its way into the minds of many individuals at the same time, but not all will act upon it. The soul or souls that are destined to do so will have the necessary means made available.

This is why you may find two doctors from widely separated countries who start working on the same concept around the same time. The information is in the records and both doctors were tuned into that information, had the means to expand the idea and had the ability to understand how to bring the idea into the physical world.

fantasy-1578656_960_720Why Seek Akashic Knowledge

Before you were born, you worked on a life plan that would enable you to grow as a spiritual being. You understood all you needed to navigate this existence successfully. Then you entered your physical body and a type of amnesia set in.

By opening yourself up to accessing this knowledge, you can better understand where you need to be directing your thoughts and efforts in order to grow spiritually. This will benefit you greatly. When we are following the path we are meant to, things seem to fall into place, we feel productive and alive.

Individuals who feel that they aren’t where they should be, are missing something important, or have a general sense of discontent, as their soul knows that they are not doing what they should be doing. Pain, anger, and depression can all result. By becoming aware of the information in the Akashic Records, you can see where adjustments are needed. You can also see how and where certain events come into play in your life, such as the events meant to help you learn a lesson or atone for a debt. Peace becomes your main emotion.

Learn More

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