"Take A Journey Through 12 Ancient Landmarks In Sedona - The Most Powerful Energy Vortex In The World."

Are you trapped with your daily routine wondering what could be your life’s purpose? 

Are you satisfied of what you have become? 

Do you feel you have the power to do greater things but wonder how you can reach your greater value? 

Or do you have just that painful yearning to search of a personal vision that can help you move forward in life with profound sense of direction?

But why do we feel this yearning for true value and greater purpose?  

The Backbone Of Our Existence 

Our purpose and the true meaning of our life is the backbone of our existence and have always been there lying deep in our hearts.  

It is the uniqueness of our being, which is expressed at something that we are good at and enjoy doing. This is something that you are and by just being you (someone who has been gifted), the world is gifted.  

It doesn’t matter what work we do, the world will still be blessed with our own uniqueness. And when we doubt our worth, our truth and move away from the feelings that stirs within us, our vision becomes blurry. 

And so, we must Clear The Way! 

Clear The Way Now! 

The Vision Quest is the pursuit of who we really are and the truth of our value. And in finding our real self and value, comes meaning and purpose. 

Interestingly, this vision and the truth about our self are always there buried within.  

However, this truth doesn’t come out easily as we navigate through our daily lives. Many of our daily experiences cloud our souls’ journey, which do not allow it to transform and to complete itself.  

Often, our emotions get in the way of clarity, our worries, doubts, greed, shame, guilt, and all other negative emotions. 

We let old ways to do the dreaming for us. And for us to find our true, greater and wiser self, the Shaman within, the one that is not bound by our fears and perceived limitations, we must clear the way.  

We must face whatever it is that is hindering our quest within and embark into a soul journey, which will peel off layers of confusions.  

Let’s take Sedona Vision Quest as our scalpel to unearth our life’s purpose and plant a new dream, a dream coming from the very core of our being.  

Where is Sedona and what will it do for you?

Sedona is an ancient landmark that is filled with endless shamanic wisdom.  

Every year, thousands of people make a pilgrimage to Sedona in order to go on a vision quest and discover their inner wisdom that will guide them on the greatest journey of their lives.  

But not every one can make a pilgrimage to Sedona - there is a huge time and money commitment involved to travel to such a place.  

Therefore, we have brought the wisdom and the energy of Sedona for you in one place.

Presenting: The Sedona Vision Quest Guidebook

Be acquainted and indoctrinated with the story of the ancient wisdom of the Native Americans in Sedona and how they prepare to embark on their vision quest.

The images are for visual purposes only. The products that you will receive are digital.

How does the Sedona Vision Quest work?  

The Sedona vision is the definitive guide to The Sedona Vision quest.

You will be acquainted and indoctrinated with the story of the ancient wisdom of the Native Americans in Sedona and how they prepare to embark on their vision quest.  

You will be brought on a journey inwards, allowing the land of Sedona to mythologize your experience and immerse you on your personal quest.  

Sedona vision quest allows you to understand your very core and tap into your deepest dream – a dream that’s so alive, you can feel it in the very air that you breathe in - A kind of dream that fills your soul wholly with trust and confidence, certainty, true vision and strength. 

Gather The Soul

Let The Sedona Vision Quest Guidebook help you to consciously gather what has long been undiscovered. Your vision is your song to the world; your kind of music but much of it is lost in the noise within in your effort to survive.  

Oftentimes, our desires and strength are directed towards our primary force of survival, which blocks our true vision. We put our truths aside for a false self in our effort to be safe, valued and powerful. 

Ironically, this will deny us our True Identity, True Value, True Safety and True Power. It does not allow us to trust and to surrender fully.  

Let Sedona Vision Quest Guidebook help you gather your soul and find its fullness. Only then you can truly gift the world with just the mere presence of your own unique self, just like a wild flower which effortlessly scenting the air with it’s own kind of scent. 

The images are for visual purposes only. The products that you will receive are digital.

The book contains 80 pages and will lead you every step of the way through the following exercises:  

• Spiritual contemplative exercise for examining one’s conscience, of meditating, of contemplating, of praying vocally and rationally, and of performing other spiritual actions. 

• Spiritual contemplative exercise to offer will and freedom to the Creator and Lord and make Him utilize it according to His most Holy Will. 

• Spiritual contemplative exercise to act against the desolation and conquer the temptations. 

• Spiritual contemplative exercise to allow the Creator and Lord to act and communicate directly to the person doing the exercise. 

• Spiritual contemplative exercise to confess sins and make mediation on the disciplines corresponding to Sins. 

More reasons to love Sedona Vision Quest!

1. It will help awaken your inner shaman to be able to connect with nature and all of creation. 

2. It will help you experience deep, meaningful and profound levels of insights and revelations. 

3. It will help deepen your love and connection to spirit, nature, others and yourself. 

4. It will immerse you with your spirit in Sedona, and feel deeper connection with the land as well as alignment with the universe. 

5. It will align you to your natural energy flow and help you soar towards higher states of consciousness. 

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