Avatar – The Planes Of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered if you are an old soul in a young body (or an old soul in an old body…)?

Have you ever pondered who God truly is and why people go on a journey towards enlightenment?

If you have always wanted to know the answers to the questions above, then the answers lie in the Avatar and the planes of consciousness.

An Avatar Literally Means God In A Human Body – The Consciousness Of The Divine Incarnated As A Human Being


(The 7 Avatars According To Time – Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and Meher Baba)

The Avatar personifies the preserver or sustainer state of God and is a being of tremendous energy. They are also known as the Ancient One their mission is to accelerate the evolution of consciousness of human beings that are on the path towards enlightenment.

In order to understand the nature of an Avatar, one must first understand what a Perfect Master is and what is their role in the evolution of mankind.

For each soul, the highest attainment of enlightenment in form is to become a Perfect Master. The number of Perfect Masters on the Earth is exactly five at all times and act as messengers for the Avatar who was the first, original Perfect Master. (For example: John the Baptist was one of the Perfect Masters who was the messenger for Jesus Christ – the Avatar)

The Avatar appears on Earth every 700–1400 years, and is brought down into human form by the five Perfect Masters of that age to aid in the process of moving creation in its never-ending journey toward Godhood and enlightenment.

There were 7 known Avatars throughout history – Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and Meher Baba.

Zoroaster was the first Avatar and Meher Baba was the last Avatar as he passed away in 1969.

The Avatars Teaches That The Soul Goes Through Stages Of Evolution And Involution

Evolution is the process of evolving from gaseous form to more complex forms such as insects, birds, fishes, animals, they finally reach full consciousness as a human being and they no longer evolve in forms. At this stage of being a human being, they start going through many cycles – millions of lifetimes reincarnating over and over again until they earn the right to begin the journey of Involution.

Involution is the process of a journey into one’s self. Form may not evolve anymore, but the journey inward is deep and profound as one ascends inwards towards enlightenment.

Another way to look at the journey of involution is that human beings then go through multiple cycles of reincarnations until their soul tires of the multiple cycles of birth and rebirth and then they long to go home – or go back to source.


Once a human being is on the the path of involution, they will begin to up the planes of consciousness which the advancement of the soul’s journey and the soul’s age.

Soul Age And The Planes Of Consciousness

Meher Baba – the Avatar teaches that the human soul exists on different planes of consciousness which determines the soul’s age.

At each plane, each soul has different purposes and different life issues they deal with.

Souls that hasn’t earned the right to involution begins on the zero plane (see chart above under the ‘evolution’ section where the soul goes through multiple cycles of reincarnation until it is ready to begin it’s journey of involution).

Once involution begins, there are two stages, the journey inward begins on the outer planes where one creates a lot of work and manifests their energy on the physical world and the second stage is the domain of the mind where they work with energy on the inner planes.

Involution has 7 stages.

The first to the third planes of consciousness is all about doing work in the outer planes.

The fourth plane is the archway or the doorway to the inner planes and enables one to access both powers of the outer planes with the inner planes.

Once they hit the fifth and sixth plane, they reach in the domain of the mind which is the inner planes.

When they finally reach the 7th plane, they become ‘God-Realized’ and they see God as no longer separate from themselves.

At the end of the 7th plane, they can choose to become a perfect master – to incarnate back on earth to be of service to mankind.

Zero Plane – The Plane Of Superstition, Existence, Security, Coping And Learning To Be Human

A soul on the zero plane who hasn’t earned the right for involution is human in every sense of the word.

They are unconscious of spiritual growth, unaware of higher consciousness and are thus not on the path. They may treat spirituality with a sense of superstition.

Over 80% of the population on earth are on various levels of the zero plane.

They have the tendency to focus on their immediate needs, they are largely unaware of the interconnectedness of the collective consciousness.

Ruled by primitive needs and immediate desires, they have the tendency to follow the crowd.

Living on the zero plane can both be simple or confusing as they are spiritually innocent and asleep to their true nature.

A person at the beginning of the zero plane (or even earlier – the sub-zero plane) lives in an even more opaque and primitive desire and will find it hard to live in modern society. The journey up the zero plane is very, very large, therefore it is not to be underestimated – the great lengths a soul goes through to earn the right get into the first plane.

A person at the end of the zero plane is known as ‘the seeker’ and is almost ready to begin their long journey into involution.

The high side of being on this plane is that a soul is not burdened by the spiritual weight of the higher planes (the higher a person’s plane get, the more ‘spiritual rocks’ they are carrying in their backpack).

The low side of this plane is that almost everything can be turned into a superstition.

First Plane – The Plane Of The Survivor, Preservation, Stability, Grounding And Fear

A soul on the first plane has just earned the right for involution is at the beginning of their journey up the planes. Bear in mind that even earning the right to be on the first plane is very huge for the soul indeed.

They are ruled by base instincts and has a lot of anxieties about survival.

People on the first plane has the tendency to focus on self, the immediate environment, the bare essentials.

Like the zero plane, they are ruled by fear but they know that there is more to that fear than just merely existing.

Some might find advanced or spiritual concepts difficult to grasp.

Living unconsciously on the first plane can lead towards hoarding, materialism or greed.

Those that are on the path are deeply connected to the lands as with many shamans, sound healers and native American spiritual tribes.

The high side of being on this plane is that a soul can serve as a protector and preserver and is deeply grounded on the land. A lot of animal guides and protectors are also operate on the first plane.

The low side of this plane is that one can be deeply fearful and live like a survivor.

Second Plane – The Plane Of The Feudalist, Sexuality, Desire, Emotions And Guilt

A soul on the second plane is in the realm of mysticism, religion and highly psychic.

Their are ruled by emotions and leans towards physical glamor, self gratification, intuitive beauty and magic.

The plane of the seductress, sexuality and emotions rule this realm and many of the feudal practices like Bushido or organized religion, dogma, yogi powers and rigid structures.

A lot of psychics are on this plane and they receive powerful guidance from source.

The high side of being on this plane is that they are highly devoted to their beliefs or the cause they are seeking.

The low side of this plane is that everything can be turned into a rigid dogma.

Third Plane – The Plane Of The Conquerer, Will Power, Purpose, Energy And Shame

A soul on the third plane is already a very advanced soul.

The focus is on the mental realm and is very powerful at using willpower and domination to conquer the material world.

Their goal on the third plane is to learn power and they are focused on being empowered, having a lot of accomplishments, serve and rule through exerting their will.

They are the empire builders and often takes charge using their influence, success, fame and power.

Many powerful healers are on this plane as well.

The high side of being on this plane is that a soul is really empowered to serve and empower others and can become great leaders in the realm of the material world.

The low side of this plane is that they can become tyranical and operate with a win-lose (I win, you lose) mentality.

Fourth Plane – The Plane Of The Empathizer, Love, Sharing, Balance And Grief

A soul on the fourth plane is on the archway – the doorway between the physical planes (planes 1-3) and the mental planes (planes 5-7).

They are at the epitome of physical (manifestation) power and they also have access to the higher realms of the mental planes and are poised to do great work in the world. They also create a lot of good karma.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility.

A soul on this level is burdened by both great power and grief.

This is the plane of service to mankind, kindness, focusing on higher purpose as well as finding the need to balance instincts with compassion, power and spiritual glamor and showing light while facing the dark night of the soul.

The high side of being on this plane is that a soul possesses great power and compassion for the world that they will move and shake the world. Many of the humanitarians are on this plane. They are also at the plane where they have full access to the divine.

The low side of this plane is that they can be overwhelmed with grief or abuse their power and fall from grace.

Fifth Plane – The Plane Of The Telepath, Creativity, Communication, Healing And Lies

A soul that reaches the fifth plane ‘safely’ resets and moves into the mental planes.

Think of the mental planes like the all powerful Wizard of Oz operating from behind the curtains (in contrast to the good/bad witches with great power on the physical world).

The focus of the mental planes is on inner work and from this point onwards is focused on finishing karma.

They are telepaths on this plane in the sense that they can telepathically ‘transmit’ their ideas and have people understand their grand thoughts but after they are no longer present, the people will forget what they learned.

The abilities on this plane consist of systems, patterns, models, knowing truth, finding the greater truth and their minds move towards synthesizing many models including spiritual models.

They need to speak and be heard for their message is strong.

They are agents of purity – busting through false constructs and systems that are no longer serving the world.

The high side of being on this plane is that a soul assumes a creative identity and is able to manipulate thought forms.

The low side of this plane is that they can be meddlers in other people’s lives – often causing a lot of trouble and find too many lies in life until everything seems to become an illusion.

Sixth Plane – The Plane Of The Regulator, Clairvoyance, Imagination, Intuition And Illusion

A soul on the zero plane is a really, really old soul who has assumed the archetypal entity of not only manipulating thoughts but manipulating emotions as well.

At this level of the inner planes, they serve as the catalysts and they start finding God in everything but themselves.

They see the divine everywhere.

They have great healing powers and are highly emotional on this plane and are likely to be prone to extremes.

They are great guides, visionaries, healers and overseers in the world operating from behind the scenes.

The high side of being on this plane is that a soul is highly intuitive, sensitive and possess great clairvoyant power and imagination.

The low side of this plane is that it can be very volatile and they might see everything as an illusion.

Seventh Plane – The Plane Of The Enlightened, Understanding, Wisdom And Spiritual Mastery

Once a soul reaches the 7th plane, they become God realized. They no longer experience God as apart from themselves but become one with their identity with God.

They achieve the perfect state of oneness and reaches the highest spiritual plane.

Once God realized, the soul becomes divinely absorbed with divine service, sees new realizations and is ruled by divine laws.

Great wisdom and understanding will be passed down to others on their journey up the planes as the 7th plane soul serves as a divine guide to those on the path through higher service.

The 7th plane is very, very large – larger than all the bottom (0-6) planes combined until they reach the final destination of a perfect master.

The Function Of The Avatar

Every 700 to 1,400 years, the 5 Perfect Masters of the time will bring down the avatar on earth during this cycle of time where God will incarnate as man.

If a Perfect Master is a soul that has undergone countless lifetimes of evolution and involution to finally ‘climb up’ and become a Perfect Master, the Avatar is different in the sense that He is ‘brought down’ without going through the endless cycles of incarnation.

Avatars come to earth with a mission and they will complete that mission at all cost. This normally involves acceleration of the consciousness of humanity in large ways. (the founding of many major religions are the result of tremendous energies of the avatars passed down from generation to generation – although losing some of it’s essence in translation, nevertheless traces it’s source back to each avatar.)

who-am-i-not-me-you-3-638When born, the avatar is completely unaware of himself and his divinity.

Avatars are usually awakened by a Perfect Master.

Meher Baba was awakened by a kiss on the forehead by Hasrat Babajan.

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist who was also a perfect master at that time.

Once the Avatar is awakened, their work of accelerating the evolution and involution of mankind is hastened as more and more people are moving up rapidly on the planes of consciousness.

Source: God Speaks by Meher Baba and credit given to Katherine Chernick Fauvre