“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

One can exercise their body by building muscle, their minds through reading and their emotions through feeling…

But how does one exercise their soul?

The path towards enlightenment or the journey of the soul is very different indeed.

The soul’s journey is one that transcends time, space, dimensions and realities.

However, an incarnate soul that chooses to come to earth at this time in this place came to learn specific lessons.

These lessons are learnt through various ancient wisdoms.

A seeker of ancient wisdom will find themselves through these means (but are not limited to):

1) To seek the path of enlightenmentheavenstairway
The seeker who seeks enlightenment usually undergoes a discipline that enables them to exercise their spiritual energies through their selected art.
All paths lead to oneness, yet there are many different paths a spiritual pilgrim can choose in order to undertake the many roads that will lead to one’s desired destination.
The ancient ones were adept at using ancient wisdom because it was as inseparable as Internet and smartphones are to people in the post modern era.

2) To use it to gain certainty about the future
The future can be very uncertain to some. Therefore, divination arts like Tarot reading, astrology, numerology and bazi can help a person predict what is going to happen.
The future is still in your hands because we all have free will, but a metaphysical weather forecast will always be helpful so we can be prepared for it.

3) To become more holistic in their lives
Holistic growth is very important for spiritual seeker.
Developing a balance in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual quadrants in life is very important because we are holistic beings that desires a balanced life.
These 4 quadrants are like four legs on a table.
If one is out of balance, the table will topple.
Our lives are like that if we neglect balanced nurturing.

4) To help others on their path
The spiritual journey isn’t about traveling alone.
Sometimes, there are others that are traveling with you.
Sometimes, there are others who can only travel if they are following you as you are the light that guides their path.
Mastery of ancient wisdom enables you to assist them better along this journey so they will not be alone.

5) To find inner peace
Sometimes, our spiritual antennas can be clogged up by the static of a hectic life that we can neglect nurturing our soul.
Arts such as yoga or meditation can assist you to stay connected to your soul and other arts can quiet down the mind so that you will be at peace once again.

6) To know who god is
It doesn’t matter what name you call – god, the divine, the great spirit, the man upstairs, your higher self, they are all one and the same.
Having a closer relationship with the divine will help you to have higher guidance and you can do so through all these ancient arts.

7) To find their life’s purpose
A person feels alive once they find what they truly like and they pursue it like a man whose hair is on fire running towards a like, they will find the bliss in their hearts.

Special message for you…

newhereToday, when people talk about New Age or spirituality, some people think they are seeking for something new when in actual fact it’s an old truth packaged in a new way.

This is what the art of ancient wisdom is all about. In this time and age, we will channel the universal truths of metaphysics and spirituality and recover what has been lost for centuries.

We hope that your soul’s journey may be immersed with the ancient wisdom of our forefathers to guide you on your path and be a fruitful and meaningful road ahead.

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