Ancient wisdom has long been the foundation of civilization and the very basis of the intellect of man

Long has mankind been fascinated with it’s art as seen from the majestic proportions of sacred geometry to solving the mysteries of our future through divination. Humanity has come a long way indeed and its wealth of knowledge and wisdom scattered throughout ancient civilizations, cultures and architecture.

OldMapA long thread throughout the centuries of ancient wisdom was constructed but forgotten to the point that much of it’s hidden treasures have long eluded modern scholars. If we were to trace back and recover its splendor, we will find that each age that succeeds another builds and adds to it.

As ancient wisdom is being recovered, we find that it is not that the ‘new age’ is anything new. It is simply just ancient wisdom put in a new packaging. Much was lost in the ignorance of modern man as they cling on to the illusion that modern science is the key to all the answers.

Yet based on the need of each era, a rediscovery of ancient wisdom often excites people to find greater introspection and to dig deeper to find what will help them to fulfill their greatest potential as a human being.

It is not by chance or luck that you have stumbled upon this page. It is through divine appointment that you are here you are playing a part in continuing this thread of ancient wisdom as we pass down the knowledge of ancient kings to the most enlightened souls for the advancement of your soul.

The Foundation of life

foundationoflifeYou might have heard this term, “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

Ancient wisdom teaches us that our bodies are just the shell – the vehicle that houses our soul and the many complexities of the energy body. In the movie “The Matrix”, the body is called the “Residual self image” which metaphorically means the way we see ourselves.

If we look deeper into this vehicle, you will find that the inner world is much more complex than the outer world. Within our body houses chakras, colors, sacred geometric patterns, crystalline energies, subconscious imprints and sanskaras, the 7 subtle bodies and memories of past lives.

Healing arts

Healing and alternative medicine used to be the mainstream way of healing people around us before modern medicine existed.

Everything from energy healing, herbal remedies, acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, hypnosis, massages and even divine healing, there were definitely many ways to heal a human being.

Divine Guidance

The ability to receive guidance has always been a blessing to mankind because of the connection we have with the divine. Avatars and perfect masters and other divine spiritual beings light our path and talk to us and show us the way. As we tap into the reservoirs of our inner self, we are then able to trust our intuition for intuition is the sole language of the soul that transcends man-made languages.


The art of practicing mindfulness has been used in ancient times as well as modern times (a lot of the top CEOs and entrepreneurs use meditation to gain a clear mind to make huge decisions).

It is the pathway to zen and the fastest way to connect with our divine nature as we set the ego and it’s trappings aside for getting in touch with our inner selves because mind, body and spirit are one.

 Divination tools

Mankind has been obsessed about knowing the future throughout the ages. It is just that modern people do it differently (like predictions in the financial market and speculations etc).

People still rely upon the stars, the signs, the birthdates and the flow of energy, oracle cards as well as the letters in our name to predict our future. Finding out what will happen before it happens helps quell our anxieties and reduce uncertainty about our life’s path.

As the path to wisdom begins with the desire to seek, the most pertinent question now is to ask, “What am I looking for?”

There are many paths to get your answers. Not one path holds all the keys. Each blind men touching each part of the elephant will not grasp the elephant in its totality, but nevertheless, reveals a critical piece to the whole. You might be drawn to certain arts or have more affinity with different spiritual tools and it is all part of your journey.

We invite you to explore each ancient wisdom so your souls may be fulfilled.